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[Neverwinter Stratics] Devoted Cleric Montage Trailer


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Stratics Legend

In the Forgotten Realms, there are Guardian Fighters and Greatweapon Fighters known for their bravery, Control Wizards famed for their magery, Trickster Rogues rumored for their knavery. Each of these types of adventurers has its own specialty in martial and magical prowess, and all of them strike fear into the hearts of the monsters and ne’er-do-wells that prowl the hidden recesses of Faerûn.​
Few adventurers, however, can claim to channel the power of the gods with the same potency as the Devoted Cleric. These divinely-inspired spellcasters bridge the gap between healing support for their cohorts and combat effectiveness against all kinds of evil adversaries, and serve as leaders on the battlefield. With a prayer on their lips and celestial radiance in their hands, Devoted Clerics inspire awe among their fellows and panic-filled terror in their foes.​

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