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(Question) need this shards 2010 easter basket color for archive


The Grandest of the PooBah’s
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hi there.

i was going through and looking at my collection of strange stuff and noticed i had a nice collection of different coloured Easter baskets.

i then came and was looking around on stratics and uoguide and such and could not find a definitive list of what shard had what colour!

so i thought, since im on holidays ill tackle this problem.

so this is what im asking.
if you went out and collected a basket on this (your) shard for the Easter 2010 event can you please list what number it is off the attached picture so i can let the lads (ladies) over in the archives know and we can get this list labelled before all the info slips out of our minds and into the ether void that is our forgotten thought.

thanks in advance for your help!