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I got this RPG game by Awkward Pegasus Studios yesterday and as in most RPG games there are puzzle levels. It's one of those Ice Puzzles that I think we've all seen before where you have to slide about, and the crystals are the things that stop you. I need to get to the other side but I need to get the chest on the way because it has something cool inside. So please tell me the solution to get this because After isn't really on YouTube soooooo yeah. I need YOUR help! You get ten points for this question... Please help? The chest is optional but it would be good if you could tell me how to get it. So yeah. Please answer simply like 'Right, Left, Up, Down'. Thanks!

If it asks you to type in a password, the password for this Album is 'afterhelp' (remove the 's)

Additional Details

The game is called After just to tell you. I really need this because if I don't complete this puzzle then I won't be able to play the rest of the game and I bought it for £12.59 which is no small fee. :(
thank you

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