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Necromancer's Curse (Tome of UG.K Quest's)


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Hi, we just thought we would start sharing some of our fiction events for those of you who are interseted. There will be about 6 more in this series of events and I will keep posting them in this thread to update them. I hope everyone enjoys!

Hey everyone, last night we got our first glimpse of how bad the situation across the alliance is. An email went out to a ton of UG.K members requesting a meeting to give information on the AFK killer.

Here is a copy of the email..

<font color="blue">Things have become much more dangerous for me... they have discovered my identity. My house was attacked last night however I was able to escape before being captured. I have gone into hiding, even sending this message to you has put me in great peril. I have recovered an artifact that they wish to possess; I must deliver this to you as soon as possible.

Please gather as many of your battle hardened members that you can to
provide me with ample protection. Meet me tonight, Friday July 28th on
the Dock in Magincia around 11:00pm Central time, but let’s do this in
Felucca for privacy. I understand if you are confused but I promise you
I will explain everything I know when we are face to face. They hunt me
as we speak. I am in grave danger and they will do ANYTHING to recover
this precious artifact but this belongs back in your hands. Please, I
beg of you, this may be our only chance to stop them!

Rictor - Senior UO News Reporter

Everyone met up with Rictor in fel Maginicia near the docks like he requested..

Rictor then gave us quite a bit of information on what was going on, quite a bit of history of a High Paladin that apparently was Dirk's adopted Father. I happened to record it all so let me post it for everyone who missed it.

<font color="blue">Thank Lord British you actually came! You have no idea how close I came to death just to get here to you. Let me introduce myself, I am Rector, a historian of some fame, I don’t suppose you have heard of me?

Really? Well that isn’t important I suppose, what is important is that you listen to what I have to tell you!

I have spent the past few decades chronicling the histories of Sosaria, uncovering the truths and lies that have been previously been kept hidden. About 3 years ago I had finished solving the mystery of Lord British’s secret love child when I came across a member of the Underground Knights. After meeting with him and learning a bit about this previously unheard of guild, I began to investigate the legend behind the Underground Knights. Mostly in part to your peculiar lore, you know the one about Dirk and his narrow escape from the hands of the evil Necromancer. Well anyway what stuck me as odd is you cannot find anything about the murder of Dirk’s master in any public record. Something like that would surely show up in a document or two, such as a death certificate.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I began trying to dig up information on UG.K. I spent many months, using every possible resource available to me but I could not find anything. I am ashamed to tell you I nearly published an article that would have claimed your guild lore to be false. You must understand there is no evidence to actually back up any of the lore. Anyone who looked into this would quickly assume it was a fancy tale made up to get peoples attention. Well as I said before, I nearly published this book, that is until I was contacted by someone. A man that insisted I meet with him in secret and provided me with information that proved the records had been erased and false documents were replaced that contradicted the previous documents. For what reason he could not tell me, but he left me with official documents that not only proved the lore truth, but gave a bit of information about Dirk’s master.

He apparently had quite an impact on history, not only was he a high ranking Paladin in Lord British’s Knight’s, he was a great hero responsible for saving thousands of lives. I have to tell you at this point I realized I had stuck Valorite! This story was going to give me all the fame and fortune that I could have ever wanted. I spent weeks studying them, authenticating them and trying to piece back together this portion of history that had somehow disappeared. One day I received a letter from him, requesting another meeting, the letter said he had something very important to add to my research. I went to the meeting point but he never showed up, I waited around for hours but nothing. I now know he is dead and how I wish I had quit at that moment before I dug myself in any deeper. But alas I was far too full of pride and greed to even consider leaving this alone.

In one of the documents I came across the mention of a war between the Knight’s of Lord British and the Necromancers. This again does not show up in our history books, so I began to concentrate on this new find. Through my many connections I learned of a secret Necromancer cult that had been operating unnoticed…

Oh God no.. they have found me!

I must go so I will be brief! Here take this, it is the first volume of the Tome of UG.K, there are 8 in total, you must find them all and stop the Necromancers! The mistakes of the past must not be repeated!

At this point gates opened out of nowhere, people recalled in and suddenly there was a surprise attack from God knows who!? The scary part is all of the people were in the alliance, they had their guild tags shut off and were wearing the same outfit. I am positive most of them were incognito or something but regardless their attack was effective!

In all the chaos Rictor tried to escape and was caught by someone named Brent. Brent is a known alias that the AFK killer uses, so sadly even as careful as Rictor was he was murdered for trying to help us out.

Before he ran, Rictor handed off a book to Lady Mysteek. The book contained a historical record of High Paladin Warren along with his death. It turns out that High Paladin Warren is the master spoken of in UG.K's guild lore. The book also hinted toward a tomb where High Paladin Warren was buried. It gave some general cord’s and a hint about a land mark. For those of you who have not read the book I will post a copy of it here.

<font color="blue">Volume 1 - High Paladin Warren: Glimmer of Hope

I: Warren was born into a wealthy family but never found much interest in the family business. He instead found himself dreaming of being a knight protecting all the people in his city. His parents, wealthy merchants opposed Warren’s decision to join the Knight’s and wished him to be a merchant staying out of harms way. Despite their disapproval, Warren applied to become a recruit when he was barely an adult in hopes of becoming a Knight. Warren was instantly recognized for this dedication and skill. He was constantly at the top of his class and was quickly promoted. It was about this time that rumors were heard about Necromancers committing atrocities, corpses defiled, children used in ritualistic killings and many more unmentionable acts. Necromancy was marked illegal and a bounty was placed on the head of anyone foolish enough to disobey but this did not deter the evil that was spreading across the lands. The Necromancers banded together under the leadership of Rathell and thus began a long and violent war.

II. The land seemed bleak. Necromancers ran rampant and were driving back the Knight’s. Warren, realizing that the tides needed to be turned made a risky attack on one of the Necromancer’s strongholds. This sparked a hint of hope and made people realize that it was possible to drive back the darkness covering the land. For his courage and Valor, Warren was promoted to Paladin. With conviction in his heart, he personally began defended the people from the Necromancers bringing life back to all the people suffering in Sosaria. After a few short years Warren had proven himself to Lord British and was promoted to High Paladin. Along with the new title, he was commissioned to form a special group to combat the Necromancers for the people of Sosaria. Thus he formed the Knights of Absolution, dedicated to rid the world of the infection known as Necromancy. Warren requested three of Lord British’s most loyal Paladin’s join him in commanding the Knights of Absolution (Andrea, Urkai and Tabo.)

III: The Four of them led the Knights of Absolution to victory. Battle after battle they crushed the Necromancer resistance across the land. His unwavering loyalty to all the people’s of Sosaria inspired many to put aside their fears and take up arms against Rathell the leader of the Necromancer’s and his minions.

IV: After a time Warren and Andrea fell in love and were married but were never able to have a child of their own. While attacking a Necromancer’s Den, Warren saved the life of an orphan whom was to be sacrificed for a dark ritual. Warren and Andrea decided to take in the child and name him Dirk but keep him ignorant of the horrors he had witnessed. They were very fond of the child but Warren insisted he be treated as a Squire so that one day he could be trained to become a Paladin.

V: For nearly five years High Paladin Warren and the Knights of Absolution routed out Necromancers and destroyed Rathell’s influence. About this time Tabo disappeared from the Knights without word. It was widely whispered that he had been tampering with Necromancy but nothing could be proven. Six Months went by before Warren received word from Tabo about the whereabouts of Rathell himself. Tabo requested that Warren come alone so they could end the Necromancers once and for all. We do not know much of what happened after this except that Dirk was found near Luna covered in blood grasping the Golden sword of High Paladin Warren in his hands.

VI: The news of the High Paladin Warren’s death hit the people of Sosaria hard and we did not yet understand how catastrophic his demise was. Darkness once again spread across the land like wild fire causing panic, riots and many innocent deaths. It was found out later that Tabo had betrayed the Knights of Absolution but for what reason we do not know.

VII: High Paladin Warren’s body was recovered with the help of Dirk and was buried. Although the exact location is unknown to the general public, his body was purified and buried inside a magically sealed Tomb somewhere near Luna. However, through secret documents obtained, we believe Warren’s Tomb is somewhere West of the bridge located at X: 974 Y: 858 (Latitude: 67degrees 19minutes North) (Longitude: 24degrees 32minutes West) and North of a smaller bridge located at X: 728 Y: 1052 (Latitude: 52degrees 16minutes North) (Longitude: 41degrees 50minutes West)

Also mentioned in the documents we obtained was a clue that should help locate Warren’s Tomb. The clue reads... “The crescent of the moon shall forever stand by his side and protect him from evil.” We also know there is some kind of magical seal on the Tomb to protect Warren from those who would defile his peaceful slumber. Again the exact nature of the magic seal is unknown. It is said though that the greatest minds in Sosaria were brought together to create this seal.

The guild set off to find this Tomb, after searching for a good half an hour they came across what a place that fit the description. About this time Dirk came wandering out of the Tomb..

<font color="blue">How did you find this place? No one knows of this place but me?

I see, well this is my master Warren’s Tomb. As stated in UG.K Guild Lore he was murdered by the hand of Tabo which was once a close friend of his. After I arrived in Luna, I was found by the patrolling Paladin’s, I explained what had happened and a force was dispatched. We recovered his body but due to the taint that the Necromancy left upon it, his body had to be purified to allow him a peaceful eternal rest. I will be happy to let you in, but the Tomb is still magically sealed and I cannot help you break the seal. The seal was created to keep out those who would defile this holy place so you must remove it yourselves.

You should all feel honored to be here; within the walls of this Tomb sleeps the man responsible for the creation of the Underground Knights. If he had not saved me, taken me in and taught me the way of the virtues the Underground Knights would have never come to be...

He was without a doubt the greatest man I have ever known...

Take care

Dirk then unlocked the door and let everyone inside the Tomb. On the top floor they came across a locked teleporter, a chest and a book. The book told them that they had to solve a riddle to gain entry to Warren's Burial place..

<font color="blue">The Tomb of High Paladin Warren is magically sealed to prevent the entrance of evil. You must prove yourself to be aligned with good by showing your resolve to gain access.

The First “_______”

“The Moon always enjoyed spending time with the Clouds, dancing throughout the night sky. The Sun grew jealous of the time they spent together and decided he would ruin their fun. The Sun flew high in the sky and shined so brightly he forced the Moon into hiding. The stubborn Sun spent the entire day covering all of Sosaria in light, until he became so tired that he fell over asleep from exhaustion.
The Moon finally able to return to the sky once again rejoined the Clouds in their dancing. The Sun repeated this every day afterward cutting the time the Moon and Clouds could spend together in half. One day the Moon grew tired of the Sun’s jealously and devised a plan to get back at the Sun. The Moon lay in hiding the following day, watching the Sun, waiting for the perfect moment to come along. When the Sun turned westward the Moon rushed out of hiding and jumped on top of him, cutting off his light covering Sosaria once again in Darkness.

(The page is worn and you cannot make out anything else the book says)

Express your answer using the Items in the Box, Do NOT take any of the items from the box outside of the tomb or the puzzle will restart!

If the puzzle is not figured out within 72 hours a clue will appear to offer assistance, BUT your reward in the end will be reduced.
Image that was to be used as a hint if they could not figure it out</font>

After they solved the puzzle the teleporter unlocked and they made there way to Warren's resting place.

Inside the burial place there was another book requesting that they complete one more simple task to gain the second Tome. It requested that they gather three different items and place them in a special trash bin in Moonglow near the bank. Upon doing this the book would be delivered within a week to them.


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<font color="brown">(Note: We kind of lost our photographer last night so the prison and half of the library didn't get pictures taken during the actual event. I had to go back afterward and take some

For those of you who missed it last night, the Tome of UG.K 2 was delivered to the guild house by a Wraith.

Inside the Tome was information about Warren's wife Andrea, everyone got together to read this.

I will post the entire Tome here for everyone to read..

<font color="blue">Volume 2 - High Sorceress Andrea: The Darkest Hour

I: Andrea was born into a family of wanted criminals in the city of Buccaneer’s Den. The earliest memory of her life was her parents carrying her while running away from Guards. She was witness to many terrible things that her parents did to people. Robbery, Murder, Extortion, were all normal daily activities for her and her family. At the age of 6, her parents began to teach her how to pick pocket. Her parents would use her in a brilliant scam they came up with!

They would place young Andrea in a public place, have her cry and weep that she was lost as any scared child would. She would wait until someone with a kind heart would stop to offer assistance to a helpless child. Andrea would then hold the person weeping while they comforted her she would reach her little hands into their pockets and steal from them. Shortly afterward her parents would come along, pretend to scold her for wandering off and act relieved to find their lost child. They would deeply thank the kind person for comforting and saving their child, take Andrea and leave. Needless to say they were very successful in this scam; before they were caught they made thousands upon thousands of gold.

II: One day little Andrea was planted in the middle of Britannia to work one of these scams. It didn’t take long for someone to come to her aid, this time a man named Urkai stopped to help her. Andrea did as she was taught, played out her performance without flaw and took everything she could get her little hands on from the man’s pockets.

When her parents came to claim Andrea the man kindly requested that they all come for dinner at the castle. Andrea’s parents declined and insisted that they must run along, about this time Andrea’s parents realized that they were surrounded by Royal Guards. Urkai revealed himself to be a Captain of the guards in Britannia and demanded they give up peacefully. Andrea’s parents reluctantly did as he ordered and were hauled off to spend the rest of their lives in jail. Urkai then approached the little girl and explained to her what her parents were doing was wrong and that she would need to learn this lesson. To repay her debt to society the man decided to enlist her as a servant for his squad and teach her of the suffering criminals inflicted upon the people of Sosaria.

III. As the years went by Andrea became very attached to Urkai and Urkai to her. Wherever Urkai went, Andrea was sure to be right behind him watching carefully everything that happened. Urkai’s believed if his daughter were still alive she would have turned out exactly as Andrea had. She studied everything that the Knights did, learned everything she could and the Knights had no objections to having her around. She cooked for them and even began to learn a bit about protecting herself whenever one of the Knight’s had the time to practice sword play with her. Her true love though was in the art of Magic; she could not help but stare in amazement every time she saw even the simplest spells performed. On her sixteenth birthday she went to Urkai and requested that he allow her to join the Mages guild to learn Magic herself. Urkai knew of her love for Magic agreed to allow her pursue the life she wished to have.

IV: Andrea joined the Mages guild and dedicated her every waking moment to the craft. The Magery did not come easy to her, every circle she mastered took so much effort she had time for little else. The mastering of all 8 circles took her nearly six years to complete. All her hard work paid off in the end, right after she graduated she applied to join the Knight’s and use her new skills to protect the people of Sosaria. She was placed under the command of a newly appointed Captain named Warren. She liked Warren, she felt he was fair to his squad and never asked from them what he would not do himself. About this time rumors were spreading around that Necromancers were committing atrocities, corpses defiled, children used in ritualistic killings. Necromancy was marked illegal and a bounty was placed on the head of anyone foolish enough to disobey. The Necromancers banded together under the leadership of Rathell and thus began a long and violent war.

V: The Land was dying; Necromancers ran rampant and were slowly defeating the Knight’s. Andrea’s Captain, decided to make a risky attack on one of the Necromancer’s strongholds. He asked for volunteers for the mission and Andrea stepped up the challenge. A small group including Warren and Andrea snuck into the stronghold while pretending to be Necromancers. They made their way into the restricted areas where Andrea summoned a Demon and unleashed it upon the dark group. While they were dealing with the Demon they found a room with potions that were quite flammable. Warren set up a few Greater Explosion potions and fled as quickly as they could.

The potions started a chain reaction that engulfed the entire stronghold it its fury leaving nearly no survivors. This sparked hope in people and renewed their belief that it was possible to drive back the darkness that covered them. Andrea was promoted to Paladin and given her own squad of Knight’s to command. She immediately went out and began fighting against the Necromancers. A few years later Paladin Warren by order of Lord British was promoted to High Paladin. He was also commissioned to form a special group to combat the Necromancers for the people of Sosaria. Thus he formed the Knights of Absolution, dedicated to rid the world of the infection known as Necromancy. Warren specifically requested that Andrea be a part of this group along with two of Lord British’s other most loyal Paladin’s (Urkai and Tabo.)

The Four of them led the Knight’s of Absolution to victory crushing the Necromancer resistance across the land. Their unwavering loyalty to all the people’s of Sosaria inspired many to put aside their fears and take up arms against Rathell the leader of the Necromancer’s and his minions.

VI: Over time the relationship between Andrea and Warren grew stronger until they fell in love. They were married shortly after in front of thousands of people who came to witness this holy matrimony. Everyone was looking forward to Warren and Andrea having children but alas they were never able to. Fortune smiled upon the two and one day while attacking a Necromancer’s Den, Warren saved the life of an orphan whom was to be sacrificed for a dark ritual. Andrea and Warren decided to take in the child but keep him ignorant of the horrors he had witnessed. They were very fond of the child but Warren insisted he be treated as a Squire so one day he could be trained to become a Paladin. The child Dirk was loved by all and everyone had high hopes for the bright future of this child.

VII: For nearly five years the Knight of Absolution routed out Necromancers and destroyed Rathell’s influence. About this time Tabo disappeared from the Knight’s without word, it was widely whispered that he had been tampering with Necromancy but nothing could be proven. Six Months went by and one morning Andrea awoke to find her husband and Dirk had gone missing. She sat worrying for four days before she finally got word that Dirk was found and Warren had been murdered.

VIII: After the death of Warren the Knight’s of Absolution were thrown into chaos. Andrea did her best to take command but the death of Warren still cut deep into the hearts of the group. A few months later Tabo who had been missing returned to the Knight’s claiming he was on a reconnaissance mission to find the location of Rathell himself. Tabo brought word that Rathell had been the one that murdered Warren, he told her that he had found the location of him all the other high ranking Necromancers. Andrea was in a deep state of depression, her health waning Urkai decided to gather a force large enough to end the war that had raged on for years in one swift final blow. This was the last time that anyone heard from the Knights of Absolution or Urkai. He was presumed dead but there really is no way to tell what actually took place.

VIIII: Andrea upon hearing of Urkai’s death could no longer bear the pain that was tearing her apart. She attempted to kill Dirk and commit suicide by way of poison but was stopped before she could harm either. She fell into madness and was imprisoned inside of Carcer of Insania for Dirk and her own safety.

IX: Carcer of Insania was a prison for those who had lost their grip on reality. It was well known in its time for its experiments on the clinically insane. They made great progress in the field of recovering ones mind, but the institution was shut down when it was discovered the methods in which the healers were using to find a cure were little more then torture. About ten years ago it was reported that someone had been seen going into the ruins of Carcer of Insania but guards were dispatched and found nothing. The remains of Carcer of Insania are unknown, the last remaining documents of Cancer of Insania were sent to the Library of Militis. The Library is located in Malas at..

X: 1588 Y: 1452
Latitude 15 Degrees 7 Minutes North
Longitude 18 Degrees 37 Minutes East</font>

As the book suggests everyone set out to find the Library of Miltis, which turned out to be not that far from the UG.K City.

When everyone arrived they were greeted by a librarian named Jenna.

Alanon attempted to ask for assistance but was thrown out for yelling (shame he should no better!).

Another UG.K member apologized and requested they enter, Jenna told them they could but would have to apply for a library card.

Everyone lined up in order to apply for their library card and gain entry.

Once everyone was inside the library they quickly realized it would be impossible to find the information on Carcer of Insania as there was 4 floors filled with over 1100 books. They finally asked Jenna for assistance in finding the particular book. Instead of helping them though she decided it was story time and read them a story called Kingdoms at War.

Here is a copy of the book and what Jenna said for those of you who missed it along with the solutions..

<font color="blue">"Ok everyone it is story time, please gather around and keep quiet so everyone can enjoy. The story I will be reading for you today is called Kingdoms at War."

Many years ago, four powerful kingdoms took it upon themselves to unify all the land under their own countries beliefs.

The first of these kingdoms was the Black Kingdom, a power hungry people whose only goal was to enslave the world and control it with fear.

Then there was the Green Kingdom, who believed that the land itself was sacred and needed to return to the times of old.

Next the Blue Kingdom, who used their powerful Navy to protect themselves, they strived to guide the world with intellect and technology.

Finally the White Kingdom, who believed in peace, wanted courage to once again fill the hearts of the people.

So the war began, each of these Kingdoms set forth to take control as much of the world as they could. By doing so they would increase the size of their army and thus lay their beliefs upon the world.

The Black Kingdom, by far the most aggressive raged war with every country that lay within its reach. They were able to enslave 12 Large Countries, 7 Medium Countries and 14 Smaller Countries. – 19 (1,900)

The Green Kingdom while less militant was still able to use the land to their advantage and take control of 3 Large Countries, 15 Medium Countries, and 21 Smaller Countries. – 15.75 (1,575)

The Blue Kingdom was very successful in taking control of coastline countries due to its Naval tactics. They ended up taking control of 4 Large Countries, 18 Medium Countries and 12 Smaller Counties. – 16 (1,600)

The White Kingdom instead of attacking the countries negotiated with each of them to join their cause. They convinced 3 Large Country, 11 Medium Countries and 39 Smaller Countries. – 18.25 (1,825)

Out of each of the countries that were taken over, the Large Countries were able to give each countries army 100 Soldiers, while the Medium Countries gave 50 Soldiers and the Small Countries 25 Soldiers.

After they had taken control of all the countries of the world they were left with only each other. Thus began the final war for control of the entire world.

"You know, I have always wondered which country was able to put together the largest army. Hmm well here, I will lock down this book for you in case you want to read it yourself. I need to get back to work, if you will excuse me.. "</font>

The country that was able to gain the largest army had been the Black Kingdom. Turned out that each floor happened to be colored the same color as the Kingdom's in the story so everyone ran to the 1st floor with the black flooring.

Once everyone got together on the Black Floor Librarian Jenna came down and spoke once more..

<font color="blue">"Ok everyone it is story time again, please gather around and once again keep quiet so everyone can hear. The name of this book is Internal Conflict."

It was a time of darkness, the black army with its superior forces was able to put down the Green and Blue Kingdom. By doing so it then enslaved the people of their countries and forced their armies to work for the Black Kingdom. With the new overwhelming force the White Kingdom was unable to withstand the destructive force that was the Black Kingdom. For one hundred years the Black Kingdom held control of its people with an iron fist. The King of the Black Kingdom had two sons both of which became military strategists for the Black Kingdom. On their Fathers death bed they were unable to agree on who should be the next King. The West side of the Black Kingdom supported the First Son while the East side of the Black Kingdom supported the Second Son.

A civil war broke out, each side had half of the Kingdom’s troops. The First Son had the added bonus of the Blue and White armies, while the Second Son had help from the Black and Green armies.

The First Son’s Blue soldiers gave them a 16.7% advantage by fighting from a distance using their Navy, but the White soldiers refused to use any sneaky tactics and only took the other son’s army with courage head on losing 8.96% of their advantage.

The Second Son’s Black Soldiers were willing to fight using any method so long as they would win giving them a 47.1% advantage but the green soldiers refused to let the wounded enemy soldiers die and treated them with herbs giving the First Son’s soldiers another 22.4% advantage. On top of this the added extra prisoners made the Second Son’s soldiers lose 15% of their advantage.

The battle took place late in the evening so the Black Soldiers fought better giving them another 7% advantage while robbing the White Soldiers 3% of their advantage. The battle was near the water so the Blue Soldiers had an 8% advantage and with no trees around took away 4% of the advantage from the Green Soldiers.

1st Son – 35.14%
2nd Son – 35.1%

"That war was very complicated.. here I will leave this book out for you in case you wish to read over it. I wonder which son had the largest army size after taking into account all those advantages and disadvantages. Hmm oh look at the time.. I must get back to work excuse me!"</font>

The 1st son had won so they now knew the information they were looking for was on the West side of the library.

Librarian Jenna spoke one last time..

<font color="blue">"Ok everyone, we have time for one last story for today, this one is called Freedom for All."

After the Civil war the First Son achieved victory, his brother locked away for the rest of his life. After seeing the misery the war had caused the First Son decided to spend his time making his Kingdom a place of happiness. In his old age the First Son decided that no longer should the Kingdom be ruled by Kings and instead decided the people should vote on their new leader. The people came up with 11 candidates, there were 10,000 people who were able to vote for the candidates. Each of the candidates were able to take 5% of the total votes. 29% refused to vote for any of the candidates and another 5% was not able to vote due to other reasons.

During the campaign Candidates # 3, 6, and 11 dropped out of the race, their votes were divided up between candidates #1, 5 and 9. Candidate #10 was arrested for illegal activities, the people who wanted to vote for him afterward refused to vote. Candidate #2 after promising reform in sanitation was able to take up the remaining unattached votes.

1. 10% Vote
2. 16% (WINNER!)
3. (Dropped out!)
4. 5%
5. 10% Vote
6. (Dropped out!)
7. 5%
8. 5%
9. 10% Vote
10. (Arrested!)
11. (Dropped out!)

39% Did not vote!

"Anyway here is the book if you would like to read it over again, I must leave now my shift is over for the day."</font>

There being 11 book cases on the west side of the black floor they finally knew the book had to be in the 2nd book case! Checking the book case revealed a book called Cease and Desist!

Here is what the book said..

<font color="blue">Dear Staff at Cancer of Insania:

It has come to our attention that you are using experimental methods that are considered inhumane on your patients. We have reviewed the results of your research and your case for appeal. While your work has garnered results we cannot abandon our humanity in the name of progress.

You are here by warned and notified to CEASE AND DESIST all activities in Cancer of Insania. This includes but is not limited to patient treatment, care of sick individuals, research and employment of staff. Cancer of Insania located at

X:2235 Y:545

Latitude: 94 Degrees 50 Minutes North

Longitude: 64 Degrees 7 Minutes East

In Felluca

is to be closed down permanently and all your patients are to be moved to another facility. Failure to follow this order will result in criminal charges being brought against the entire staff.

High Paladin Warren</font>

Now with the knowledge of where Cancer of Insania was located they set off to find it in Fel.

They found it a bit North West of Covetous, upon arriving they noticed that the place was fully running and stacked with guards.

They attempted to enter but a guard spotted them, yelled "<font color="red">INTRUDERS!!</font>", heard a bell ring and they were all kicked out of the prison.

After experimenting a bit more they realized that so long as they were not spotted by the guard’s line of sight they would not be kicked out. So they spent the next hour or so working their way up the prison to the highest floor. The entire prison was set with traps that led them to locked prison cells, there were holes in the floor that would bring them back down a level or two and of course the guards were patrolling everywhere.

When they finally reached the fourth floor they found the woman name Andrea that was spoken of in the Tome, locked in a cage.

The entire group tried to speak with her but she was very incoherent and pretty much crazy. Here is a list of the things she had to say..

<font color="blue">"You know when I was a child chicken only cost 2 gp.. look at the prices now! OUTRAGEOUS!"

"NOOO PLEASE No more, I won’t tell anyone I swear!! I swear I won’t tell anyone!!"

"You know they beat me *sobs* they tortured me, they did awful things to me to keep me quiet. I cannot tell anyone!"

"As a child I had a pet sheep named Gilbert, I rode him late into the night and sometimes even early in the morning."

"SHHHHH!! They will hear you! They will hurt you too! You must be quiet or you will end up like the others! "

"Ohh Warren, where have you gone, what has happened to you, *weeping*"

"I cannot live without you!! Please Lord take me!!"

"I hear my distant cousin had a child, I think the child’s name was Ri.. no no that is not it

Ra.. no that isn’t it either..

PATIANT I WILL REMEMBER IT, damn young people today always IMPATIENT

No where was I.. oh yes

Re.. yes that is it Regord? I heard he takes a lot after me.."

"Hmm hmmmm hm hmm hmmm hmmm HMMM hmm hmmmm hmm *whistles*"

"Wen qi lai xiang da bian"

"HEY YOU!! Yeah you! Don’t act innocent, I SAW YOU! Get the hell out of my underwear drawer you pervert!"

"WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE! Please… don’t make me tell you, they will hurt me!"

"Look I will tell you one thing but then you MUST LEAVE or they will kill me! I once had a nice doctor named Doctor Xiaming, he was wonderful. He kept “OLD” records of things like ancient “TOMES” and scrolls, a wonderful man he was. I heard he shops in Luna every so often but only once every few weeks or so.. Remember Doctor Xiaming!!"</font>

They acknowledged they would find Doctor Xiaming but just then Cain, the murderer that has been plaguing UG.K for the past few months appeared behind Andrea and murdered her on the spot.

Suddenly there was a surprise attack, Cain's army had secretly surrounded the entire group. The battle lasted for a while and finally UG.K was victorious and they set out to find this Doctor Xiaming.

I also wanted to say thanks to the following people for helping me out a TON with this event. Honestly I could NOT have done this alone!

Thanks to NiCo and the rest of the K*V crew (Ankou, Calianna, and Cliodna Kikbuty, Drake, Jaive Kikbuty, and Mama Faith) for being the guards and fighters!

Thanks to Ivan and the rest of the MT crew for also being guards and fighters!

Thanks to Lariat and the rest of the *TAC crew for being guards and fighters!

Thanks to Azguard and the rest of his guild OsD for all their help!

Thanks to Lord Voldemort TAA for being a guard!

Thanks to Tanaquil &amp; Mama Faith for all their work on helping me decorate the Prison &amp; the items they donated to make it look great! It turned out fantastic sorry I couldn't get pictures of it!

Special thanks to Lariat and NiCo for helping me come up with a ton of ideas for the traps and such in the prison!

Thanks to Tazz, DragonFly, LittleSpark, &amp; Alanon for helping this thing run smooth and keep everyone on track!

Thanks to NiCo for donating the 3000+ scales that were used in creating guard uniforms!

Thanks to Kull for setting me up with the Fel Prison House and selling me the Malas Library House!

..and if I forgot to mention anyone I am sorry, let me know I will be happy to give credit where credit is due!