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Nastia Please Edit (Spoiler)

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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After speaking with Nastia Cross for a few hours, Gareth had her taken to a secure area in the mage tower to rest. He raised his hand up casting “Vas Flam” guiding the fireball around the room lighting each of the candles in the room. He sat down and slouched in the Magincia style throne behind his desk trying to formulate a plan to help but all he could think to do was run down the road to Lady Cat. His eyes lowered to the floor knowing that option was no longer available. He became antsy and knew that he did his best thinking while on the move. He made his way down the ladder to the main defensive spell bookcase in the Library. Ever since Violet Coldstorm left her library post the spells had become a sloppy mess and even damaged from being shoved in the bookcase. As Gareth attempted to remove a piece of parchment with a spell written on it a sharp blade shot out of it piercing his left hand, “Son of a Chaos Demons”, he shouted.

He looked around for something to wrap his hand in and noticed a piece of clothing stuffed in-between two bookcases. He bent down and pulled it out as he shook the dirt off it he noticed a tag on the back that said, Property of the Vesper Fishery”. One crisis at a time he mumbled. With his hand still bleeding he made his way to the main display room trying to get an idea on how to help Nastia by looking at the different magical items. He stopped once he came to the statue of Lady Cat. “What would you do?” Gareth once again dropped his eyes to the floor. “Well she wouldn’t be mooping around the mage tower feeling helpless.” Rivi Ravenwynd stepped out from the shadows in the corner of the room and stood before the statue, “That much I can tell you”. Gareths eyes narrowed and focused on Rivi, “And what do I owe for the pleasure of your presence in the Mage Tower tonight?” Rivi adjusted her outfit to purposely expose her Lt. Guard sash, “Official business, I need to inventory the Mage Towers more potent poison stocks.” Gareth broke his focus and began scanning the objects once again. “Well everything we have is on display and you already have access to the secure stock.” Rivi walked over to the west side of the room and positioned herself near the corner. “That I do but not the illegal private stock that you all keep here in Kijustsu Anei.” Gareth opened his mouth but before he could speak Rivi continued. “You forget that I helped you acquire the hidden teleportation object.” Gareth sighed for a moment knowing that he had been beaten once again. He then quickly turned his head towards Rivi and snared, “Second floor, third bookshelf from the left.” Rivi cracked a smile that only a necromancer could “Thank you”. She quickly turned and started walking towards the library area but stopped for a moment and asked, “Why did you poison the moat that protects her Royal Highness?” Gareth raised a brow and stated, “I didn’t but even if I had you wouldn’t be able to prove it, even if the evidence was wrapped around my hand.” Rivi turned and started walking “I liked you better before you became a self serving mage.” Gareth shrugged the comment off even though he knew what she said was true. He tilted his head for a moment thinking about how the moat protected the Queens castle. “Aha!” Gareth snapped his fingers and a Magincia blood soaked Imp appeared before him. Gareth knelt down and patted the Imps head. “Fetch me the Wolf Spider transformation spell and tell your vampire bat cousins to keep an eye on the Zedland leadership.” The Imp squeaked a few times and Gareth looked annoyed. “If I wanted the Void Core to know what you are doing then I would tell them MYSELF!” Nastia Cross came from around the corner leading into the display room. Gareth snapped his fingers and the Imp quickly disappeared. “Tell the Void Core what Gareth?” Gareth stood up slowly, “Depends on how longer you have been listening”. Nastia laughed but her laughter was interrupted by a Wisp blasting its way out of the essence stock area. The Wisp zipped around the room quickly before it busted through the main doors of the Mage Tower. “Dam it” Gareth yelled as he ran in pursuit. Gareth shouted An Ex Por trying to target the Wisp with his hands. Each time the Wisp dodged the spell but he did manage to paralyze a gaman here and there while running down the road. Without even realizing it he had entered the Tonkanweya Tribe’s territory. The Wisp made a sharp turn and struck a Savage offering stone, destroying whatever items the Savages had laid out.
The Wisp stopped and hovered above the destroyed offering as the Savages made their way out of Niva’s hunting lodge. Gareth smirked thinking the Savages would take care of his little problem. Gareth looked up at one of the lookout platforms and spotted Niva looking around. He attempted to back step quietly but stepped on a twig that snapped louder than an explosion spell. He looked down at the twig and shook his head, as he raised it up Niva was already looking straight at him waving her fork towards him, ordering the Savages to his location. Gareth looked around watching the savages surround him. Savages became visible from various hiding locations. Niva jumped down from the lookout platform and kept her eyes locked on him as she stood up tall and proud. The Wisp made a little shimmer and giggle sound which turned Gareths attention to it. The Wisp did another taunting shimmer and zipped off towards the Homare-Jima moongate. Once the wisp was out of sight Gareth noticed that Niva and her savages had closed in. From behind Sinhi yelled, “Human Elf sacrifice”. Gareth raise his hands in front of him, “Perhaps we can do this at a better time?” Niva looked amused as she saw the bleeding hand of Gareth. “Niva think now good time!”

Just as Niva raised her warfork a blazing ball of fire flew down from the sky striking the ground between Gareth and Niva, which knocked them both backwards. A few moments later the fireball rose up in the air and created a protective circle around Gareth. Gareth looked towards the direction the fireball had come from and spotted Nastia Cross standing on the rooftop of the clock tower chanting the fire field spell. Sinhi motioned the Savages over to the Clock tower. They began to climb the outer walls of the clock tower trying to make it to the roof. As the Savages reached the rooftop Nastia began striking the areas near them with explosion spells, trying to keep them from reaching her. She knew that striking a savage or even killing them was not an option unless she wanted to start a war and she already had enough to worry about. As Nastias focus shifted to keeping the savages at bay the fire field began to fail.

Gareth quickly cast “An Lor Xen” just as the field failed. Niva slowly walked around the area and pushed the deer mask skin behind her ears. She listened very closely to the breath of Gareth. Just as Gareth covered his mouth with his hand, Niva turned right towards him, thrusting her Warfork forward jamming it into Gareth’s stomach. The invisibility spell lifted instantly and Niva fiercely pushed the wafork downwards and ripped it out harshly. Gareth fell to his knees before Niva, “Corp Por” Kiana Cara shouted as she came out from between the Clock tower and Charles’s home. The energy bolt struck Niva’s right arm and was so powerful it cut right down to the bone. Niva backed off towards the woods as Kiana came to Gareth side, wielding the Apprentices Staff. Niva wasn’t going anywhere though; she was just gaining the higher ground. Kiana took one look at her and smacked the bottom part of the staff on the ground which summoned three mages to Kianas side. The Mages immediately went to battle engaging Niva and the Savages near the clock tower. Fire balls and magic missiles were lighting up the night sky of Kijustsu Anei. Nastia was struggling to keep the Savages off the roof until the clock struck twelve and let out a harsh bell sound knocking Sinhi and the other Savages to the ground. Nastia chuckled a moment knowing she picked out a perfect spot to fight Savages. Her laughter stopped as she saw Gareth on his knees bleeding from his stomach, she teleported down next to him. “We need to get him out of here.” Kiana looked around and knew that would not be an easy task. Gareth mumbled, “hats” and Kiana knew exactly what he wanted her to do. She stood up quickly, pointed the staff towards the second floor of the Hunting Lodge and screamed, “Vas Vas Flam!” Fireballs flew out of the staff striking the second floor which exploded and hats flew through the midnight air. Sinhi yelled for the Savages to get inside the hunting lodge and protect the hats. Nastia cast the polymorph spell turning herself into a daemon. She picked Gareth up in her hands and took off into the sky. Niva disappeared into the dark woods. Kiana scanned the area before ordering the mages to the tower. As she began to walk back a bloody shift fell onto her head. She pulled it off and threw it down onto the ground. The wind began to pick up as a late night storm blew in from the East. The wind picked up the bloody shirt and blew it towards the township banner, then changed direction to follow the road. It snagged on the mailbox of the crafters hall and flapped softly in the wind. The shirt only blew in the wind for a few minutes until a hand grabbed it off the mailbox. They held it out for a moment grumbling and tucked it into their robe. They seemed to become furious and so did the weather.....