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[Napa Valley] Napa Governor's Contact Info


Former Stratics Publisher
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I'm Kirthag, long time resident and governess of Yew.

You can contact me via ICQ: 55948266
or email: [email protected]

I may be a Stratics Staff Member, but my Stratics activities are very much separate from UO. Please don't confuse the two. :)
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Stratics Veteran
On here I'm cor2879, but on Napa Valley, I am known as David Orcslayer: Grand Paladin of the Order of the Flaming Knight and current Governor of Trinsic.

My ICQ is 666240107

I haven't been on a lot lately, mostly because most of my friends quit. If you ever want to hang out, treasure hunt, whatever, hit me up on ICQ!

Petra Fyde

Peerless Chatterbox
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Both of you are now accessed to the private Napa governor's forum, you'll find it listed under the Napa EM forum

Cephas [V]

Stratics Veteran

I am Cephas of Veritas, and two-term governor of New Magincia. My pigeon's name (ICQ number) is 161607390.