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Named Bones

Tabby Kapak

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Hello all! We were wondering if there are more people who ended up with bones of others after the Gumshoe quest required us to clear the graveyards. For those interested, we have 4 names:
The Glorious Ace

If anyone recognizes his/her own name or knows the owner, please let us know? And feel free to add Bones you want to reunite with their "owners". [bcolor=rgb(16, 16, 16)]:)[/bcolor]

Edit: Ruellion The Ethologist (already bumped into him so can remove him from the list.)
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There's a house in the SW of Luna with a lot of named bones in it. Have a look, spot yours, contact the owner & they'll unlock for you. To put bones in, just drop em in the mail box. Which is what I did with mine, or gave em to the player.

Some folks are sellin em ...