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MySimSpace.Net Is Back In Business With New Features!!!


Max CR

After taking a long hiatus, MySimSpace.Net is back in business and getting more traffic than ever! The time is now better than ever to visit our website and meet up with your friends from all of your online games.

To bring more traffic, we have diligently redesigned our website and added new features for our member's enjoyment.

In fact, to add to the excitement, we have now helped stimulate the MySimSpace.Net economy by launching many new contests in our Contests Forum. What is the economy at MySimSpace.Net? The economy at this website is based on our currency named SimClims. These can be earned by posting and by participating in contests!

Once you have the most amount of SimClims on the website, you become the richest member and your photo automatically is posted on the homepage for our hundreds of visitors to see. Once the economy is successfully stimulated, we plan on launching real life prizes once we gain funds from our advertisers which will be raised by visitors like you coming to our website!

For our loyal members: If you are interested in a new feature for this website, be sure to post about it in Town Square and I will try to implement it if possible. We need new ideas to get this website rolling.

Back in February during this website's launch, we diligently thought over the idea of having a government in place at MySimSpace.Net. Due to popular demand, we have implemented this new feature! Check out the website for more information. YOU can be the governor/representative of YOUR online game and gain many privileges and responsibilities!

Remember, we have a collection of members stretching across from The Sims Online, World of Warcraft, Second Life, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy, EverQuest, ToonTown, and There.

Be sure to tell your friends about this remarkable website and all of its features. We have launched massive advertising campaigns and we hope we can officially get more traffic from our loyal members spreading the word. It is now time to connect to your friends from online games through the best social network on the Internet!

Thanks for being a part of our community!

Max CR
Webmaster of MySimSpace.Net