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[Buying] My too buy list


Stratics Veteran
1.) Gladiator Collar Replika
2.) Detecitve Boots Replika 4 Int
3.) Leutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard Sash Replika
4.) Invasions Spellbook 3 MR/30% SDI
5.) Robe of Britannia Ari Replika
6.) Despicable Quiver 10 Resie (Physikal and Fire)
7.) 2 Etheral Horses oder Lamas
8.) Treatise on Alchemy (Mods not intersteing only +5 Magery counted4me)
9.) Soles of Providence
10.) Tongue of the Beast Replica
11.) Flaming Head Deed 4x
12.) Animated Legs of the Insane Tinker

Cursed Version

Hat of Magi
Ornament of Magician
Inquisator Gloves

52729876 ICQ ore here offers :)