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[Selling] My Rare Collection Sell & New Auction Safe Item


Stratics Veteran
I am thinking of withdrawing from the Rare collector activity.

Please contact me if there is an item you want.

Listed by season. Please check the item from among them.

Rubble is not listed, but is on sale.

Delivery is Atlantic only.

※ Products written in blue with Atlantic in the item list are at Atlantic.

ICQ # 415769050

And selling for 5 days at Auction Safe at Atlantic Luna Inside

Starting bid 100m
-Mirror Of The Vanity
S12 Wakoku (20)
-Still Beating Heart Of The Passion Who Sought To Debauch The Dryads Of Britannia
S15 Atlantic (15-20)

Location of my house in Yamato

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Stratics Veteran
I exported my collection.
I intend to erase the sales completion each time.

※Items listed in blue in the item list as Atlantic
 This item is in Atlantic.

Orcish Engineer Toolkit (200) Shard Wide SOLD

Rotgut wine bottle (~100) Legends SOLD
A Bottle Of Yew Wine (45) Pacific SOLD
Merry Christmas From Santa (?) Arirang SOLD

Bananas (Graphic 5922 Hue 1148)(?) Yamato

Fastest Player In Formosa (Pink Tombstone) (1) Formosa SOLD
A Container Of Dark Energy From Umbra University (~70) Oceania SOLD
I Stole This Lantern! (~15) Great Lakes SOLD

Twilight Lantern (Hue 997) (Black) (?) All Shards
Twilight Lantern (Hue 244) (Orange) (?) All Shards
Christmas Carols (10) Baja SOLD
A Trapped Soul (15~20) Baja SOLD

Hazel Beer (Does Not Contain Real Hazel) (~45) Sonoma SOLD

Remains Of A Carved Ziguart Toy (10) Pacific
Equinox Wine (~40) Atlantic SOLD
Pixie Trap (Golden Lantern) (<10) Sonoma SOLD
Brother Pemenards Rope of Binding (10) Great Lakes SOLD
Explosive Fire Ant Liquor (8) Pacific SOLD
Bottled Blood Brew (10) Lake Austin SOLD

Napa Valley's Finest Holiday Ale (UR) Napa Valley SOLD
A Bottle Of Holiday Nog (UR) Napa Valley SOLD
A Jar of Stuffing (VR) Lake Superior SOLD

Replica Of The Mysterious Crystal (Empty Case) [Empty Case] (Only Japanese Shards) (100s) Shard Wide
Replica Of An Empty Mysterious Crystal Display (100s) Shard Wide
Christmas Angel Gloves (Yamato 2010) (?) Yamato
Medetai Yamato 2010) (?) Yamato
To Yamato From Nakeshiko's Heart 2010(*) Yamato SOLD
Garbage (Yamato 2010) (?) Yamato
Santa's Old Socks (Yamato 2010) (?) Yamato
Sparkling Cherry Juice [Sakura 2010] (?) Sakura SOLD
Kabita Ti-Zu (Sakura 2010) (?) Sakura
Holy Starlight (Sakura 2010) (?) Sakura
Buta No Marukoge (Sakura 2010) (?) Sakura
Halloweenie Sentry - Pacific Halloween 2010 (Blaze Mongbat Statue) (*) Pacific
Queen Dawn's Royal Investigator Spyglass (100s) (*) Pacific
Baja's Christmas Pajama's 2010 (Hue 33) (?) Baja
Golden Brew Tavern's Finest Single Malt (Malt) (?) Baja SOLD
Catskills Frostfine Ale (?) Catskills SOLD
Zombie - Lake Superior Halloween Invasion 2010 (?) Lake Superior SOLD
Avery's Special Adieu Brew (?) Napa Valley SOLD
Christmas Elf's Toolkit (Hue 573) (Green) (?) Legends SOLD

I Barely Survived The Origin Haunted Maze - Halloween 2010 (*) Origin
A Gentle Breath Of A Spring Breeze - In Memory Of Caryn(Globe) (*) Origin
Christmas Elf's Toolkit (Hue 38) (Red) (?) Legends
Freedom Is Never Given, It Is Won (Vase) (*) Baja

A Christmas Angel's Harp Drachenfels 2010 (Hue 172) (Green) (?) Drachenfels 
A Christmas Angel's Harp Drachenfels 2010 (Hue 132) (Red) (?) Drachenfels

In Memory Of Lady Rose Drachenfels 2010 (Blue Angel Statue) (*) Drachenfels
Yamato Nadeshiko (Sparkle when passing over) (Flower) (20) Yamato SOLD
A Valentine's Day Bear Atlantic 2010
(?) Atlantic Atlantic
A Valentine To {player name} From EM Eira And EM Stardancer (Blue Bear) (*) Sonoma SOLD
Captured Essense Of A Rare Black Dragon (7) Formosa SOLD
Goblin Trap (Blue Lantern) (6-8) Chesapeake SOLD
Goblin Trap (Pink Lantern) (40 Dropped) (21 Looted) Chesapeake SOLD
Empty Goblin Cage (Blue Lantern) (6-10) Chesapeake SOLD
Pulverized Bark Of The Golden Oak (10) Chesapeake SOLD
The Model Of The HMS Poseidon's Fury (Dry Docked) (3) Chesapeake SOLD
Legends Lighthouse Lager (?) Legends SOLD
Serpent's Cross Saffron Liqueur (?) Atlantic SOLD

Thank You Catskills, I Had Fun! Mesanna (*) Catskills SOLD

Mesanna's Jack O' Lantern (Black/Red) (~80) Shard Wide
Mesanna's O' Lantern (Black/Yellow) (500+) Shard Wide
I Got Killed By Mesanna But All I Got Was This Cake! (Black/Orange) (~100) Great Lakes SOLD

White-Back Wood Spider (6) Yamato SOLD

Red-Back Widow Spider (10) Yamato SOLD
Saru No Oyatsu (Brown Banana) (20) Sakura SOLD
Orcish Voodoo Doll (15) Atlantic SOLD
Olmecian Access Orb (*) Chesapeake
Agnon The Scapegoat - Pacific 2011 (*) Pacific
Purestone Crystal Fragment (*) Napa Valley SOLD

Glass Mug Of Coffee
(*) Napa Valley
Projectile Orc (10) Lake Superior Atlantic
The Hissing Cat Of House Mirza (Cat Statue Make Noise) (*) Great Lakes SOLD
Bone Shards From The Skull Of Antirez (*) Europa
A Vicious Cuddly Drop Bear In Celebration Of Australia Day (*) Oceania
Owain Surreys Dreamcatcher - A Memory Of The Soothsayer's Demise (Multi-Color Knitting) (*) Catskills
Sacred Banana Pie (*) Napa Valley
In Memory Of Dawn The Valiant (*) Shard Wide
Mummified Frog (20) Great Lakes SOLD

Oars From A Pirate Lifeboat (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Pole Of Souls (8) Baja SOLD
A Mysteriously Pulsing Cocoon (10) Origin SOLD
The Golden Calf (15) Atlantic Atlantic SOLD
A Ladder Made Of Golden Woven Hair (10) Drachenfels SOLD
Mechanical Toy Solider (15) Pacific SOLD
Sakura Mochi (30) Sakura SOLD
A Spying Bug (10) Sonoma SOLD
A Light Against The Abyss - Origin Halloween 2011 (*) Origin
Queen Bee (20) Great Lakes SOLD

Me Trik Er Treet Wif Urks, 2011 (*) Catskills ×2 1 SOLD
Felucca Festival Of The Grape Harvest, great Lakes 2011 (10) Great Lakes SOLD
A Mystically Enhanced Poseable Doll In The Form Of A Boy Called "Addie (10) Atlantic SOLD

I Got My Bell Rung By Mesanna Playing Roulette (276) Catskills
I Could Not See To Escape From Mesanna Playing Roulette (BlackRock Golem Colored Lanttern) (~25) Drachenfels SOLD

I Lost Playing Mesanna Roulette But Now I Can See To Find My Body (Green/Red Lantern) (42) Sakura SOLD
My Pot Of Luck Ran Out And I Lost Playing Mesanna Roulette (Cauldron - Gold) (34) Lake Austin
All Mesanna Saw Was These Footprints As I Walked Away Alive While Playing Mesanna Roulette (Footprints - Glacial) (22) Catskills SOLD

I Lost My Head Playing Mesanna Roulette (Guillotine - Abyssal) (~150) Napa Valley SOLD
I Was Tortured Playing Mesanna Roulette (Miniature Iron Maiden - Green) (326) Yamato
Stuffed Fish With Gareth's Remains (*) Chesapeake
This Corpse (Acts Like A Container) (Bunny Corps - Purple) (88) Lake Superior SOLD

A Bell Of Death Rang When Mesanna Killed Me Playing Roulette - Legends 2011 (Two Tone Bell) (~40) Legends
Mesanna's St. Valentine Bear (Yellow Type) (?) Shard Wide SOLD

I Beat Mesanna Playing Roulette (Abyssal Lantern) (6) Sakura SOLD

Chaos Void (*) Baja
A Wig Stand (10) Baja SOLD

George The Pirate Monkey (Acts Like A Compass When Double Clicked) (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Donkey Gold (10) Drachenfels Atlantic SOLD
Cursed Hina Doll (Ohina-Sama) (25) Yamato SOLD
Cursed Hina Doll (Odairi-Sama) (25) Yamato SOLD
A Vision Of The World Of Sosaria After The Zombie Apocalypse (20) Atlantic SOLD
A Vicious Child Of The Living Dead (10) Pacific SOLD
Haunted House Broken Window (15) Great Lakes Atlantic SOLD
Web Of Inevitability (~20-40) Napa Valley SOLD
Witheres Remains Of A Once Vibrant Soul (10) Origin SOLD
Chest Of Mutated Souls (Double Click To Make Sparkles) (10) Napa Valley SOLD
Rat Frame (10) Sonoma SOLD
Tall Golden Heirloom Candelabra of an Ancient Style (10) Atlantic SOLD
A Priceless Jade Clock (10) Lake Superior SOLD
A Haunted Mirror Found In Meer Ruins (10) Pacific SOLD
A Mousetrap (20) S10 Yamato SOLD
*WANTED* Jimmy Nardello: Murder, Treason, Foppery, Lunacy & Coxcombry! *DEAD OR ALIVE* (15) Atlantic SOLD
Scales Of Ghostly Judgement (20) SOLD
Piece Of A Mysterious Control Panel (10) Origin SOLD
Powder Of Summoning (20) Formosa SOLD
Warning Light Of A Vigilante (10) Napa Valley SOLD
Head Mount Of A Dire Bear Known As Adrelstaer The Bloody (51~65) Atlantic SOLD
Folded Paper Torn From A Tale Of Mondain (10) Lake Austin SOLD
Handcrafted Holiday Doll (10) Origin SOLD
Silver Harp Stolen From Occlo (15) Great Lakes Atlantic
An Epic Flail (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Gas Trap (25) Hokuto SOLD
A Scrap Of Memory Torn From The Mind Of Charlotte Amandine Showing The Murder Of Her Family (?) Atlantic SOLD

I Won Playing Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal On Yamato ( Bright Blue Color / Flicker Type ) (Around 20) Yamato ×2 2SOLD

I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Atlantic (163) Atlantic ×2 2 SOLD
I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Formosa (50-60) Formosa Atlantic 2SOLD
I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Sakura (50) Sakura SOLD
I Won Playing Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal On Hokuto (30) Hokuto SOLD
I Won Playing Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal On Origin 2012 (50) Origin SOLD
I Beat Mesanna Playing Let's Make A Deal On Sonoma 2012 (100) Sonoma SOLD
I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Drachenfels (30) SOLD
I Won Playing Mesanna Let's Make A Deal On Great Lakes (30) Great Lakes SOLD
I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Pacific (50) Pacific SOLD
I Won Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal On Baja (30) Baja SOLD

A Snowy Scene Of A Blackrock Dome (15) Great Lakes SOLD

Statue Of MonkeyShine (10) Baja SOLD
Crystallized Skeletal Phylactery (10) Sonoma
A Vessel Filled With A Part Of Tuan's Soul (10) Drachenfels SOLD

A Vessel Filled With A Part Of Tuan's Soul (10) Drachenfels SOLD
Hina-Doll Bed For Girls' Day 2013 (*) (Japanese Shards Only) Shard Wide
A Seedbox Recovered From Blackrock Dump (20) Yamato SOLD
Holiday Toy Guard From EM Asiantam's Toy Chest,Yamato 2013 (?) Yamato
A Life-like Rendition Of Tuan Filled With Part Of His Soul (Doll) (10) Drachenfels SOLD

Nimrad's Soul Trapped In His Skull (10) Lake Superior SOLD
A Metal Chest Recovered From Vault Of Secrets (Replica) (20) Yamato SOLD
Pirate Werewolf Ninja (15) Great Lakes SOLD
EM Mikos Lantern (replica) (50) Legends SOLD
The Removed Beehive (20) Asuka SOLD
Silver Filigreed Necromancy Alembic (10) Sonoma SOLD
Omiki Dokkuri (15) Sakura SOLD
Sentient Element Of The Life Essence Of Khantaberos The Terror (15) Atlantic SOLD
The Frosty Wind Of Anodunos (15) Great Lakes SOLD
Stack Of Dynamite (15) Chesapeake SOLD
Snow Tree (30) Hokuto SOLD
Death Toll Chimes (10) Sonoma SOLD
Yamato 15th Anniversary Wasabi Pie (?) Yamato
Voodoo Doll (75) Great Lakes

Spider Tree (*) Legends
To Shine The Light For Beating The Dark Lady On Catskills (150) Catskills SOLD

An Anatomical Model Of The Human Body (20) Yamato SOLD

Amelia's Resting Place. You Hear A Faint Scratching From Within. (15) Sonoma SOLD
EM Takakos Light Of Celebration, 3 Years !!! (~100?) Formosa SOLD
Loyal Mighty Super Dog Zodiac Statue (20) Formosa SOLD
Amazing Magical Rooster Zodiac Statue (20) Formosa SOLD
A Diseased Rat Specimen (10) Pacific SOLD
A Root From A Severely Diseased Plant (10) Pacific
A Toy Cannon Recovered From The Ghost Of Holiday Present (15) Sonoma
Zento's Overheated Canon (10) Arirang SOLD

Honor Above All: A Tapestry Of Trinsic (15) Chesapeake
Cuddly Teddy Bear (10) Izumo SOLD

The Shattered Soul Of Tuan The Wanderer (10) Drachenfels
Totem that Radiates with a Mysterious power (10) Pacific SOLD

A Year's Supply Of Granny's Gooseberry Jam (60) Great Lake SOLD
Toro De Fuego (15) Great Lakes SOLD
A Sapling Of Yggdrasil Born From The Life Force Of All Those Lost From The Mortal Realm (?) Napa Valley
Contained Energy Of The Dark Stranger Lost In Time (10) Baja SOLD

Bloodied Primitive Idol Representing The Gluttonous Orcish Diety Called Bludgod (20) Atlantic SOLD
Contained Essence From Creatures Stolen By Krowlee The Evil Mage (15) Napa Valley SOLD
Sentient Elemental Core Of The Aspect Of Fire (20) Atlantic SOLD
Sentient Life-Force Core Of The Alien Aspect (20) Atlantic SOLD
Justin's Sword Placed Naked Between Himself And Isabelle (20) Yamato SOLD
Cuddly Mr. Crab (15) Great Lakes SOLD
Balhae's Holiday Gorilla (10) Balhae SOLD
Scale Of The Dreaded Ice Dragon Called Winterbloom (15) Atlantic SOLD
Mirror Of The Vanity (20) Wakoku Atlantic
A Chunk Of Painted Wall (10) Pacific SOLD
A Fawn's Heart, Frozen By The Approaching Winter (20) Europa SOLD

Fuddy Wuddy Rare Ale (10) Origin SOLD

A Glorious Winged Steed Descending From The Aether (15) Napa Valley Atlantic
Cartload of Heirlooms And Treasures Plundered From The Vault Of An Ancient Sosarian Family (25) Atlantic
The Burning Flames Of The Fortress (15) Balhae SOLD
Golden Mechanical Songbird (20) Great Lakes SOLD
A Smiling Halloween Pumpkin Grown On Drachenfels [2015] (10) Drachenfel SOLD
Ancient Crystaline Computer Wrested From The Mangled Corpse Of An Artificial Intelligence (25) Atlantic SOLD
A Long Time Lost Relic From Lord British Castle (15) Pacific SOLD
Essence Of A Nascent Time Gate (*) Shard Wide
Dead Man's Chair (20) Yamato SOLD

Fire Orc Statue (20) Hokuto SOLD
Hina-Doll Vanity For Girls' Day 2015 (*) Shard Wide
The Golden Horse Of Greed (15) Napa Valley SOLD

A Wolfgang Ruby Twisted By Minax's Magic in an Attempt To Remake the Gem of Immortality (15) Napa Valley SOLD
The Head Of A Decay Infected Orc (10) Catskills SOLD
Hina-Doll Fireplace For Girls' Day 2014 (20/Shard) (All Japanese Shards) Shard Wide
A Statue In Recognition Of The Bravery Shown Against The Ophidian Horde (10) Sonoma SOLD

Powerful Fireworks Wand (10) Lake Austin SOLD
Purifying Font Of Harmony (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Element Of Water (15) Baja SOLD
Element Of Fire (15) Baja SOLD
Element Of Earth (15) Baja SOLD
Element Of Air (15) Baja SOLD
A Christmas Toy Cannon (20) Yamato
Sentient Effigy Of A Misbegotten Monarch (25) Atlantic
Erethian's Crystal Ball Crafted Of Purest Zanium (20) Great Lakes
I Rolled The Dice And Won Playing Lets Make A Deal On Europa (10) Europa SOLD

Phase Spiderling Born On Fire (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Samhayne's Crooked Key Drop Spot (85) Great Lakes SOLD
A Barrel Of Explosives Used In The Gunpowder Treason Plot To Destroy Castle Blackthorn (25) Atlantic SOLD
A Barrel Of Ooze From Lake Superior's Sewers (10) Lake Superior SOLD
A Window Light From The Christmas Yeti (15) Baja SOLD
Beautiful Flowers from The Award Hall Garden (20) Great Lakes SOLD
On Wings Of Song (20) Asuka
Tree Of Life Sapling (Double Click To Make Sparkles) (10) Legends SOLD

The Eternal Flame Of Sosaria (15) Napa Valley SOLD
Lump Of Big, Bitter Chocolate (20) Sakura Atlantic
Ancient Portraiture Of A Magincian Noblewoman (20) Atlantic SOLD
The Never-Ending Story: A Book Of Fantastic Tales Spun By Bennu, The Jongleur (?) Atlantic SOLD
A Treasure Of Rats (20) Asuka SOLD
Lantern Containing The Ember Of A Dragon (10) Legends SOLD
Shattered Eye Of The Being Tomasha, Born In Time Immemorial (21) Atlantic
Happy Australia Day! Shots For Everyone!! (?) Oceani SOLD

Lantern Of Discovery (10) Oceania SOLD

Elongated Skull Of A Glorious Incarnation, Stranger To Sosaria (25) Atlantic Atlantic

Angry Spirit Of The Harvest Moon (15) Europa
Pumpkin Spider Statue (10) Lake Austin SOLD

Mounted Bust Of The Putrid Daemon Wexvvedicl The White (25) Atlantic SOLD
Gothic Teddy Bear (20) Great Lakes SOLD
There Is No Remedy For Love But To Love More. (20) Yamato SOLD[/URL]
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Stratics Veteran
Hina-Doll Fairy For Girls Day 2016 (?) Shard Wide
A Totem Recovered From The Unknown Shard Of Sosaria (20) Yamato SOLD
Chinese New Year Great Monkey God Sun Wukong (>50) Formosa SOLD
A Miracle Grown Mushroom (20) Sakura Atlantic SOLD
A Statue Of Gabriel (20) S14 Yamato SOLD
A Golden Death Mask Of Hanzo The Spymaster (10) Arirang SOLD
Mirror Of Truth (20) Chesapeake SOLD
A Candle Whose Light Gilstens From The Prismatic Breath Of The Dragonlord (15) Pacific SOLD

Rudolphs Favorite Rock Salt (20) Yamato
Orb Of Stored Memories (~30) Chesapeake
Teddy Bear Ring Pillow (20) Izumo
Gruesome Standard Of The Pale Orc Warband, Carved Into It Are The Words "Glory To Da Bludgod!" (25) Atlantic
Recovered From A Slime Blackrock Infected (20) Yamato Atlantic
Bottles Of Bubbling Supernatant Recovered From Solen Hives (20) Yamato SOLD
Imprisoned Spirits Waiting To Claim An Unsuspecting Body (~40) Napa Valley
Biting Rat Of Muroidea (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Eden, The Sleepy Hellhound Puppy (~40) Atlantic SOLD

Poseable Figurine Of A Traditional Britannian Gypsy In Festive Dress (~30) Atlantic
An Unfinished Timepiece Found In The Workshop Of A Great Artisan (25) Atlantic SOLD
An Eclipsed Wolverine Conceived By The Sacred Bloodline Awakening (15) Pacific SOLD
Dove Of Peace (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Her Green Light (>20) Wakoku SOLD
Element Of Air From Gypsy Lelas Crystal Ball (20) Europa SOLD
A Perfect Pumpkin From Harvey's Collection [Drachenfels 2016] (15) Drachenfels SOLD
Tokuno's Kusurikinoko (~30) Mizuho Atlantic SOLD

Cider Spider Sac ^ Tunnel Of Terror ^ October 2016 (~10) Origin Atlantic
An Exploding Void Core In Stasis (15) Arirang
Cinderella's Glass Clock (20) Formosa SOLD
Snake In The Grass (~40) Great Lakes SOLD
Moons Cannon (20) Mizuho SOLD
Trophy Of Glubgub The Moldy (15) Catskills SOLD
Pikky[Plush Doll] (20) Mizuho SOLD
The Magical Time Machine Control Panel (20) Formosa SOLD
Medusa Queen Vase (10) Balhae SOLD
The Forgotten And Corrupted Fire Of Christmas: Fear The Grinch! (15) Europa SOLD
Spirit Of Forgotten Dream World's (15) Wakoku SOLD
Cursed Candles From A Demonic Ritual (~40) Great Lakes SOLD

King Blackthorn * 4th Anniversary Coronation (~20) Europa
Zmey Miniature (20) Izumo
Heart Of The Ocean (15) Napa Valley SOLD
Ranger Garb (15) Chesapeake SOLD

A Chocolate Filled Cherry Nutcracker (20) Sakura
A Vase Filled With Screaming Voices And Blood Of Dead Heroes In Felucca: Fear The Mad King (10~20) Europa SOLD
The Legendary Anvil "Heart Of The Mountain", Forged From A Fallen Star (15+) Napa Valley SOLD
Horn Of The Mystical Unicorn (15) Sonoma SOLD
Termurs Medical Dictionary (30) Mizuho SOLD
Bottles Of Wine Poisoned With Spiritcap Extract (~20) Baja SOLD

Forest Maintenance D(^o^) (~15) Mizuho
A Container Holding The Evil Essence Of Valerie Vondont (~15) Lake Superior SOLD
The Light Of Wakoku 18th Anniversary (~100) Wakoku×2 SOLD

Formosa Chick Chick Chinese New Year ! (?) Formosa SOLD
Balhae Happy Seallal New Year ! (?) Balhae SOLD

An Obsidian Statue Celebrating One Year On Baja March 2017 (~100) Baja
The Heart Of The Lich, Though Beyond Repair The Phylactery Still Pulses With Dark Powers (15) Legends SOLD
The Great Paramour's Armoire (~60) Great Lakes
Valentine's Heart Dresser Drachenfels 2017 (~40) Drachenfels
A Loving Heart Is The Truest Wisdom (~35) Origin
A Heart Shaped Table Crafted Of Rustic Hickory Barrels Once Used To Distill Fine Whisky (15) Sonoma SOLD
A Hope Chest (~200) Lake Austin
Love Is Eternal (~25) Napa Valley
Happy Valentines Day Balhae (~40) Balhae
Happy Valentines Day Formosa (~40) Formosa
Love Trumps Hate ( Hokuto Orange ) (?) Hokuto SOLD
Love Trumps Hate ( Asuka Red ) (?) Asuka SOLD
Love Trumps Hate ( Yamato Purple ) (?) Yamato SOLD
Love Trumps Hate ( Wakoku Yellow ) (?) Wakoku SOLD
Love Trumps Hate ( Sakura Pink ) (?) Sakura SOLD
Love Trumps Hate ( Izumo Light Grey ) (?) Izumo SOLD
Love Trumps Hate ( Mizuho Light Green ) (?) Mizuho SOLD
Element Of Fire From Gypsy Lelas Crystal Ball (~40) Europa SOLD

Hina-Doll Toy Box For Girls Day 2017 (~200) Shard Wide
Orphaned Bear Cub Rescued From The Woods Of Sacrifice (~60) Great Lakes Atlantic
Element Of Water From Gypsy Lelas Crystal Ball (~40) Europa Atlantic
Element Of Earth From Gypsy Lelas Crystal Ball (~40) Europa Atlantic
The Anchor From The Ship That Got Away(~25) Lake Superior SOLD
Have A Shot On Shany To Celebrate 2 Years (?) Chesapeake
Broken Armament (~25) Catskills
The Remains Of Walpurgis Night -2017 ( Yamato Purple ) (~200) Shard Wide
The Remains Of Walpurgis Night -2017 ( Wakoku Marble ) (~200) Shard Wide
The Fossilized Remains Of A Human-Being Reaching Back Beyond Antiquity ( top half ) (20) Atlantic SOLD
The Fossilized Remains of a Human-Being Reaching Back Beyond Antiquity (Bottom Half) (20) Atlantic
A Diabolical Manuscript Carried By The Arch-Daemon Marque'dru The Cruel (~30) Atlantic SOLD
Text Books On Alchemy, Transmutation, And The Philosopher's Stone (10) Sonoma SOLD
The Snake's Special Serpentwyne (20) Great Lakes SOLD
Cherry Crystal (20) Hokuto SOLD

A Crib (Hue 1920) ( Asuka Red ) (~200) Shard Wide
A Crib (Hue 1921) ( Izumo Gray ) (~200) Shard Wide
A Crib (Hue 1922) ( Hokuto Orange ) (~51) Shard Wide
A Crib (Hue 1923) ( Wakoku Yellow ) (~200) Shard Wide
A Crib (Hue 1925) ( Mizuho Green ) (~200) Shard Wide
A Crib (Hue 1927) ( Yamato Light Blue ) (~200) Shard Wide
A Crib (Hue 1930) ( Sakura Pink ) (~200) Shard Wide
A Summoned Familiar (~30) Lake Austin
The Headless knight Who Fell Into A Pool Of Melted Gold (~40) Europa Atlantic
Heart Of The Inferno (15) Napa Valley SOLD
A Damaged And Bloodied Painting Depicting The Joining Of Three Artifacts With A Central Figure (~25) Catskills SOLD
Fresh Royal Jelly In Raw Honey [100% Pure, No Additives, Never Heated] (20) Yamato SOLD

Devil's Crystal (~30) Hokuto
Tony The Toast, The Unsung Hero Of Lief The Lackluster (~30) Pacific
Kitchen Golem (200) Great Lakes
A Mongbat Leather Backpack (15) Sonoma SOLD
Proof Of Healer Team (20) Mizuho SOLD
A Primordial Bear Awaken From A Deep Slumber (15) Napa Valley SOLD
Remains Of The Mud Pit Boss (~40) Europa SOLD

Still Beating Heart Of The Daemon Of Passion Who Sought To Debauch The Dryads Of Britannia (15-20) Atlantic Atlantic
Fine Ebony End-Table Hewn Expertly By A Humanist Craftman In Gracious Thankfulness For Aid (?) Atlantic SOLD
An Astral Sunburst Caused By A Celestial Phenomenon (~30) Pacific
Bloody Table (20) Hokuto SOLD
An Ancient And Forgotten Lantern Containing The Essence Of True Evil (?) Europa SOLD
Heart Of The Jungle (?) Napa Valley SOLD
A Dead Man Walking (?) Europa Atlantic SOLD

A Spring Thing Statuette Sculpted In Ilshenar (~40) Drachenfels
A Cove Tree Planted In Memory Of Len-Ung, The Gargoyle Refugee (~60) Great Lakes
Light Of Wisdom (20) Yamato SOLD
Horrible Burnt Effigy, From The Britannian Purity League (~60) Great Lakes SOLD
A Beautiful Potted Moonlight Rose Bouquet (30) Baja SOLD
Johnny Runners Indecipherable Tattered Pirate Treasure Map (?) Baja SOLD
The Blazing and Glowing Net Used to Defeat the God of the Seas (?) Europa SOLD
A Scroll Of Dread Prophesy Foretold Through The Dreaming Of The Time Lord's Daughter (?) Atlantic SOLD

Burning Ritual Stone Of Pyros (~30) Arirang Atlantic
Shattered Statue Of A Goddess From Beyond The Stars (~60) Great Lakes Atlantic
Mysterious Rift Stone Of Pyros (~40) Balhae SOLD
Johnny Runners Solid Gold Cannon: Filled With Twenty Years Of Treasure (~60) Baja
Ricardo Worn Lockpicking Box (Hokuto) (~200) Hokuto
Ricardo Worn Lockpicking Box (Yamato) (~200) Yamato
An Antique Fully Action Figure Of The Time Lord, Sadly The Robe Has Been Lost (Double Click To Make Sparkles) (~60) Atlantic
Wanted Poster Of Mordra: Under Suspicion For Organizing And Leading Recent Cultist Activity (?) Napa Valley SOLD
EM Falcon's Pet Spider (?) Lake Superior SOLD

Knitting Kit Used By Grizelda The Witch (~40) Yamato
Undead Skull Of Lothar, The Heartless Heir (~60) Great Lakes SOLD
The Mystical Candelabra Of Forgotten Souls That Contains The Curse Of A Nameless Demon (?) Europa SOLD
Decorative Armor Of The Royal Britannian Guard (?) Catskills SOLD
Enormous Totem Dedicated To The Daemon Of War (20) Atlantic SOLD
Guardian Statue Of The Forest (20) Mizuho SOLD
A Collection Of Manuscripts And Other Ephemera Related To A Storyteller Named Narcissus Bennu (~100) Atlantic SOLD

Memorial Statue Of The Fallen Britannians And Pagans (~30) Arirang
The Christmas Spirit, Vintage 97 (~15) Catskills
Balhae Xmas Holiday Tree 2017 (~20) Balhae Atlantic
Fish Head Stew Pot Property Of ZiggyMer The Imp (~35) Origin
A Snowy Scene Of Carthax Lake (~40) Yamato
Sculpture Of Roland The Rat (15) Catskills Atlantic
Fire Solen's Zoogi Fungus (20) Sakura Atlantic SOLD
Fuddy Wuddy Orange Blossom Special (15) Origin SOLD

Baja's 2017 Cookbook (100) Baja
A Brown Rug Deed Facing South (~60) Atlantic
The Moon Rabbit (~40) Yamato
Pen And Ink Of The Wandering Scribe (~40) Europa
The Golden Days Of Royal Summer Wine (~40) Drachenfels SOLD
Bottles of Johnny Runners Finest Boot Lager (~30) Baja SOLD
A Drunken Ghoul Spirit (20) Chesapeake SOLD
The Final Light Of The Catalyst Of Evil (15) Oceania SOLD

Midnight Arrows Of A Shifting Sands Rogue (~40) Great Lakes SOLD
A Stone Slab Bearing Unknown Characters (~50) Yamato
Testimony Of Minoc's Blacksmith Spirit (~35) Mizuho SOLD
Light In The Darkness (Hue 2595) ( Yamato Purple ) (~50) Yamato
Light Of The Crossroads (?) Napa Valley SOLD
A Lot Of Tasty Cherry Honey Is Packed (~40) Mizuho SOLD

Oni Koroshi - Japanese Sake Rice Wine (Hue 1927) ( Yamato Blue ) (~80) Yamato
Soul Of Dydra The Malintent (~30) Sonoma
An Euphuistic Gilded Cloakroom Hanger (~30) Drachenfels
Captured Spirit Of EM Asiantam (~50) Yamato
Chichikka's Favorite Toy (~30)) Sonoma
A Broken Mirror Which Forgot To Speak (~50) Yamato Atlantic
A Burned Statue Of A Black Basilisk (~30) Drachenfels
A Rescued Clone Of Dom The Cat; Secrets And Mysteries Glimmer In Its Hypnotic, Amber Eyes (?) Legends SOLD
My Pet Sand Vortex (~40) Great Lakes SOLD

Frozen Ice Dungeon Beehive (~30) Hokuto
Witch The Crystal (~30) Hokuto
Julia's Uisga-Beatha (~30) Yamato Atlantic
A Wanted Board With Notices For Britannia's Most Wanted Criminals (?) Napa Valley SOLD
Balhae Harvester Yew Scarecrow (~30) Balhae
Formosa Winter Reindeers (?) Formosa SOLD
Balhae Winter Reindeers (~25) Balhae SOLD

A Statue Of A Turkey Defeated Mercilessly By The People Of Britannia (~20) Chesapeake Atlantic
EM Faine Morgan Returns - Catskills 2018 (*) Catskills
A Ledger Detailing Items Smuggled By The Nujel'm Underground Crime Syndicate (~30) Baja

Gorebash's Fractured Weapon (~30) Sonoma
A Special Pot That Makes Dubious Medicine (~30) Mizuho
Silverleaf Cello Designed By Gwenno (?) Great Lakes SOLD
Blessed Water From The Hands Of Grizelda The Witch (20~) Yamato SOLD
Zuwai-Gani Crab (~20) Asuka SOLD
Light From The Taper Of Sacrifice (~50) Great Lakes SOLD
Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor (?) Yamato Atlantic SOLD

Easter Bunny's Magical Eggs (?) Sonoma

Server Births
Scaffold SOLD
Bucket/Bucket of Water SOLD
Ceramic Mug SOLD
Kettle SOLD
Playing Card Set, No Center Deck SOLD
Checkers ( white&red ) SOLD
Two Story Statue (South Face) SOLD
Empty Tool Kit SOLD
Cannon Balls SOLD
Statue SOLD
Sheet Music SOLD
Portrait SOLD
Empty Jar (Single) SOLD
Pitcher SOLD
Folded Sheet SOLD
Boards SOLD
Plough SOLD
Rolling Pin SOLD
Empty Jar (Double) SOLD
Skinned Deer SOLD
Spittoon SOLD
Two Story Statue (East Face) SOLD
Music Stand (short) SOLD
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Magdalena Chef

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Do you have A Magical Crystal Ball that Melds The Past Present and Future? I was looking for this - last one I saw was a someone who had it on a vendor for 100m. *crosses fingers*


Stratics Veteran
Do you have A Magical Crystal Ball that Melds The Past Present and Future? I was looking for this - last one I saw was a someone who had it on a vendor for 100m. *crosses fingers*
A Magical Crystal Ball That Melds the Past, Present, and Future Into One Vision
I don't have this item.


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Haunted House Broken Window (15) Great Lakes
Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor (?) Yamato
2 Items Atlantic Added