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My ideas for PvP solutions


Stratics Veteran
Open PvP, it can be a lot of fun if its done correctly. In T2A UO, PvP was a blast. It added levels of danger and true Risk v. Reward that is not seen in any other MMO currently out today. Unfortunately, there were those who abused the open PvP and made the experience less than enjoyable. For example, many murderers who had massive bounties on their heads would have a friend kill them and split the gold with them. Ive been mulling over open PvP and here are a few ideas I had to try and balance the system out.

First off, I think its pretty much in agreement for everyone who wants open PvP that it should be similar, if not identical, to how it worked in T2A UO. The guards will protect you in town, but outside of town you are on your own. Thats just a given. However, I believe there should be random patrols of NPC guards who patrol areas around cities and towns. These guards should not be one hit kill capable, but definitely formitable opponents who can deal out severe damage.

Another UO system that should come back, becoming a ghost upon death. It was a pretty fair system. You died, turned into a ghost, had to find ressurection, then either go to the bank and resupply or go back and loot your corpse. It worked very well and I would very much LOVE to see it brought back in URPG.

An alignment system similar to UO's would work well. However, the system should work on a slider from about -1000 (Very evil) to 0 (Neutral) to +1000 (Very good). Alignment should determine whether or not a player's character is a legal or illegal kill. Lets say a character has -300 alignment. This character is considered evil and is not welcome in towns and is a ligitimate kill for good or neutral aligned character to attack. However, a charatcer with only -150 alignment is considered bad, but not evil, and is therefore not a ligitimate kill. Actions such as stealing from good and neutral aligned characters lowers one's alignment, but only to a certain point, probably down to about -150 alignment, but not further. However, killing players or NPCs of good alignment can lower a player all the way down to -1000, branding them completely evil and therefore on all town guards KOS list.

Another aspect to alignment I was considering was having the only way to raise one's alignment was to slay player characters of evil alignment. The more evil they are, the more postivie alignment they yeild.

To help curb rampant Pk'ing, a bounty and imprisonment system should be implimented. My idea is to create an ingame Bounty Hunter's guild that players of good or neutral alignment to join. The only way to be able to collect bounties is to join this guild. Now, to actually collect the full bounty players must bring the wanted person in ALIVE so they can be imprisoned. Bringing in the head of the wanted person should only yeild 1% of the total bounty. The 1% is deducted from the bounty cache, but does not cancel the bounty entirely, only lowers it by the amount withdrawn. The bounty cache is paid into by the victims of the murderer. Victims pay an amount of their chosing.

To capture the wanted person, the bounty hunter should have to first beat the criminal into incapacitation or 0 health where they are down, but not dead. The bounty hunter then uses a pair of shackles provided to them by NPCs from the bounty hunter's guild on the incapacitated murderer. Once the shackles are on the murderer, the player loses control of their charatcer as they begin to auto follow the bounty hunter's character back to prison. To keep things fair, the murder should have the chance to escape. For example, if they have a skill for lockpicking, they have one lockpick in which to pick the locks of their chains and attempt to escape. Also, other players should have the option to pick the chains of the murderer and free them, if they have friends who can come and save them. Rescuers can also kill the bounty hunter to free their comrade.

Once in prison, the bounty hunter is rewarded with the full amount of the bounty while the murderer's character is put into a prison cell. While in prison, the Murderer is stripped of all possesions in their pack which are given to the bounty hunter who captured them, and the player cannot escape the cell. The murderer character is locked away for a period of time based on their crimes.

For example:

1 murder = 2 RL days in prison
2 murders = 4 RL days in prison
3 murders = 6 RL days in prison

And the numbers just go up from there in incriments of 24 hours per murder. Also, the murderer character must be logged into the game in order to serve their sentence.

Once the sentence is served, the murderer character is executed publically either by hanging or beheading, and their ghost is ejected outside of town to wander the wilderness until they find a way to ressurect.

A system like this should help to prevent murderer types from abusing the system.

Like they say, if you cant do the time, dont do the crime. This will ensure that, even though PKing is lucrative, it is extremely risky. Also, it is a more reasonable approach instead of stat loss or perma death.

Players should also have the ability to initate private dules either to the death or to incapacitation. In the events of duels to the death, the victor has the ability to freely loot and dismember the corpse of their opponent, taking their head or whatever body part they choose as a trophy. In the event of duels to incapacitation, the two duelists have the choice to wager a certain amount of gold or nothing at all, dueling for honor and respect alone. While in a duel, the two duelists cannot be healed or attacked by any other players. To prevent players from initiating in duels to escape other combat, they cannot be currently engagaed by other players or NPCs in hostile actions.

Duels should also be able to engaged in by groups of players as well as one on one.
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