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My Idea for Future of UO

Which one you like to see happen, select more then one is ok.

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Hi all I would like to start by saying that I've been playing since 1999 off and on and through-out my time I have came up with a couple of Ideas and I would like to hear what you guys think and maybe the Dev's would read this and consider some of my inputs.

1) The thing that makes the world go round: Supply and Demand our economy.
As much as how insurance has changed the world of Ultima I would say that this is a big killer for the economy of the game. Who needs more gear or items when we get them we can never loss them? I understand that this was put into place due to the "Gear Specs" and now making the game "Gear Dependent". I purpose a change to insurance and remove it and replace with Bless Abilities, depending on your account age you can bless one more item that is on your body at any given time the item will be blessed if it remains on that character.
(example: Blessed for Thor) Imbuing is stable enough to put out decent gear at a low enough cost, Artifacts would be the main focus on your blessing ability given as slot blessing options of Head/arms/legs/weapon/etc. This gives the player options as to what gear is most important to him/her and still able to keep it, while losing the others bringing back Supply and Demand.

2) PVM is child's play
PVM to me as just been the same as it's always been, Stay alive, hide, move, heal, fight fight fight repeat. However Trammel rules kills PVM for making them challenging." Oh i'm trapped!, *runs through them like a ghost* oh i'm free yay... i'm safe!" I'ts not like a chess game anymore it's more of a "Keep away" game. My suggestion is to input Felucca rules into Trammel as far as "Shoving" and stamina is considered. Your not a ghost you should not be able to run through anything no matter which land your in.

3) LRC is boring
They are awesome... believe me I love it. But they make the game very... boring whenever i'm on a caster. There is no pressure to know i have Unlimited ammo, hell who thinks playing a FPS game with unlimited ammo is "real" fun, it gets boring really quick. I say remove or reduce max %. This will also help Supply and demand.

4) Parry- shield Vs Parry - Bush
Completely unfair. Bush can parry and drink pots to it's full potential (just about) but it's more effective than weapon+shield (IMO *Cough Sampira). So If i can bandage myself while having a shield on, why can't i drink a pot? Why do Bush have extra special attacks and Parry-Shield gets nothing? How about Shield smash/bash, or disorient, knocking off balance to delay targets attack or "Focus Block" to drink a potion.
So I say... Needs A LOT of balancing.

5) PVP comeback!
UO was top-dog on their pvp, And now... it's pretty much not as great. What ever happen to the Naked Mage, or Naked Fencer with 10 bandages being able to kill anyone just as easy or hard as anyone else depend on the player and not their gear? Doesn't happen anymore
The classic fights Murders/ Grays vs Blues: It was fun to be roaming around defending the towns people from the Murders that roamed the area and the greys from stealing and starting fights. Trammel killed that but we all know what happen there i'm not going to go into that. I'm going to talk about the Murderers and murder counts and prisons, If a murderer was caught he goes to prison simple as that. I suggest a murder get's sent to prison for 1/2 a murder count a the less, and upon being caught and with his head turned in. Input the Bounty system the higher the Bounty on their head the longer the character is in Prison (ex: 5gp per min in prison). And like any murder count he must be logged onto his account to remove the timer. This will prevent friends killing his Red buddy for the gold.

6) Faction Needs a Fix'in
Faction needs a lot of fixing. Supply and demand will help.
Status Lost: 20mins is just too long. 20mins of stats lost is a waste of time and game play, we all have lives, UO is not our life allow Casual games to be in Faction and have fun doing so. 5-10 mins is good enough after being revived. It's enough time to be out of the fight and it's long enough to get suited and back into the fight. Enabling everybody to enjoy pvp like it was ment to be.

Factions needs a BASE! maybe 2 main base and 4 Faction "Camps" and allow Workers such as Miners and wood-workers to supply the faction bases with supplies and build the base up. Enable territory zones marked by server lines or similar to "Guard zones" but the guards would be the players protecting their peasants from outside forces. Allow NPC vendors to have a supply and demand regulation prices. The people (blues) can supple the bases buy selling the resources to a vendor that will benefit in base building, like Walls, Traps. Allow any blue player to be GRAY to the opposing faction that he/or she is in enemies territory. Have be able to have towers to spot enemies in it's zone by sending a Faction message to all faction members of tower owners. (Example: Enemy in Territory II Sited)
This can be the raise of Siege War, building of catapults drove by players like riding a mount and more.
Oh and No recalls of any kind in Fel or into faction territories if your not part of that faction.

Reduce Sigil time for towns and make the corruption time during PEAK hours on that server time. For Each Town gained another territory is earned with another tower to watch over (that needs to be built).

City owning benefits, Higher skill gain, or different type of Faction gear can be bought, faction gear per town is randomly selected per week.

Ranking system: 1 kill = 1 point, 0.5 points per assist.

I have more ideas but i'm getting tired.
Please let me know which one you like, and any inputs you have that can make it better or just your 2-cents
Maybe Dev's will see and hear us one day.

Maximus of Lck

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I completely agree with the first point, and have stated that very subject many times. In combination with topic 3 also, you can play UO and consume NO items. Nothing. Nada. Items need to be consumable, that's all there is to it. That's how supply and demand works. We currently just have supply with no demand. Hell at least have the properties of your items decrease by the durability it's currently at. 100 durability out of 200? Then you should only get 1/2 the bonuses off of your items as well. That 50% hit lightning just became 25% till it gets repaired. Get rid of PoF while you're at it. Items NEED to break. Reagents? Don't need em. Cap LRC at 50% so at least they get SOME use.

I sort of like the idea of your #2, but to prevent abuse you'd always need to be able to walk through other players, just not monsters or animals. You could easily get trapped and monster killed by other players without that safeguard in place.