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My device heating up while playing "Shroud of the Avatar"

Hello Friends,
I have been facing a problem with my device that is heating up every time I plug it in to charge while playing "Shroud of the Avatar". If I play without connecting to the charger, my laptop stays cool.

Has anyone faced this similar kind of issue before? Can anyone suggest how to solve the issue?

Stinky Pete

Stratics Veteran
My guess is that you have a carpet sample between the fan and heatsink in the laptop. The only good way to fix this is to pull it out and clean it. I've seen this 100 times before. Here is an article that explains the process.

The guide is probably a bit more in-depth than I would go with it unless it's really dusty in there or it's making loud noises. If it doesn't look too bad, I would just pull out the fan and use a toothpick to pick out the layer of dust between the fan and heatsink. If that looks clean, pull the heatsink and reapply the thermal paste to the processor.

My guess is that you are going to see something like this:
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Thank you Stinky Pete for your help :) :) :) . You are right Stinky my laptop was getting heated for dust accumulation in the fan. I found a post online, there also suggested cleaning the fan as you said. So after cleaning it properly it's not getting as hot as before during playing games and doing other works. :danceb: