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EM Event My Dear boy report


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2 child goblin live in britania,they lost parents.
Someday they got cookies and eating.
Spoon the yound goblin want more cookies,but Rob the elder goblin pass cookie broke :(
Spoon want not break cookie,he mad and he bite Rob's hand.
Rob knocked Spoon.
Spoon cried and run away for forest.
Rob thought Spoon returns soon.
Spoon cried "stupid brother"
One humen female was in his side and hugs him.
He tired and sleeping.
And he wake up on the bed,she make dinner.
Since Toumyousai the monk did not come, Ricky the ranger was worried.
They were investigating the missing child's incident.
" Go away" voice sounded out of darkness.
And he left and he thought more help need.

Ricky the ranger told us.
There is a legend in which a black big bird kidnaps a child.
He was worrying about Toumyousai and looking for him.
We went in search of Toumyousai.
Soon we met Rob the goblin.
He throw peach for Ricky.
He got this peach from Toumyousai.
He had got damaged,so he asked to Rob to looked for Ricky.
And we looked for Toumyousa.
He said us,a black big bird got enegry from ghost,so first ghost go to haven.
We went to the place in which a ghost is present.
We hunt many ghost and some ghost wanted food and clothes,so they went to haven.
Only 1 ghost stayed there,Toumyousai ask ghost.
Ghost told us,he lost child and his wife went to forest and didnt back.
He wait her and his village people died for epidemic.
Toumyousai told him,his child waiting you and he went haven.
We went bird's nest location,there is one house.
Spoon stayed at the house.
He want stay this house,so sometime Rob is hard on Spoon.
Ubume the femal back house and she mad for Rob and us.
She changed to black big bird and attack us.
We killed bird,and Toumyousai told her ghost and went to haven.
Japanese pregnant woman's monster or monster of a bird who kidnaps a baby
The lamplight offered on Shinto and Buddhist deities