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My Collection is finally up for grabs...




just to clarify...due to the excessive number of bids auction will end 10 mins after my last update, cuz i cant keep up with the bids...
i mean after last bid of whoever bids last + last update

[/ QUOTE ]

that was postet 16 minutes after official end of auction, but Gencore is the one selling, so he is the one to make the rules, and even simon cant do anything about it


well gencore was the one to suggest a proper auction forum that would have handled all those issues. so he is not really to blame cause nobody wanted it moved.


Here is the Updated list...i am on vacation will Wednesday (this week) so i wont be updating anything till i get back home.

ATTENTION: Due to numerous ppl who retract their bids and others who bid more thru PMs and ICQs i could not read on time i am considering taking bids on some of the items when i get back home. So please bear with me till wednesday...i'll give ya an update again on wednesday

#22. Bushel 350k by devid1995
#29. Portrait 12 mil by mask-z
#30. I Did Not Win The Luna Gladiator Games 25m by Alcestis
#52 A Pile of Ancient Bones 130 million by mask-z
#74. #75 Marble Tables - 120m by maskz
#76, #77 Sandstone Tables - 280m by maskz

Completed Trades:

#1. A Tacky Web - 125m by armed4fun
#2 Pole with Shackles 365 million by craememp
#3 Rocks (L-Shaped) 20 Mil by Alcestis
#4 Ornate Encrusted Armguards 250 mil by Treyster
#5. A Key: Luna [MoD] - 11m by Godiva_DF
#6. Tattered Mummy Wrappings 20 mio by kingshore dad
#7 An Infectuous Dagger 75 by craememp
#8 An Infectous Spear 75 by craememp
#9. Light 5.25$ by Aang (equivalent to 3 mil)
#10. Captain Jango's Hat 40 Mil by M&amp;T
#11. Fishing Weight - 1.5mil by Noie
#12. Pile of Skulls (big one from khaldun) - 70 by craememp
#13 A Rusty Cutlass - 35 Mil by craememp
#14 A Rusty Dagger - 65 Mil by craememp
#15. Garlic - 100 million by craememp
#16 gingseng root 70 mio by kingshore dad
#17 Orcish Long Bow 45 mil by noria blackbread
#18. Sheet Music - 50m by Demonous
#19 Cards 40 mil by SimonDF
#20. Juka Mage Mantle 150Mil by M&amp;T
#21. Jukan War Wraps 340Mil by Revo
#23. Crude Orcish Axe - 45m by noria blackbeard
#24 Rusty Dagger 32 Mil by The Scandinavian
#25. Spoiled Milk - 101m by Demonous
#26 Bloodstained Tunic 65 mil by Alcestis
#27. Orcish Engineer Toolkit - 33m by Demonous
#28. Pile of Skulls (small graphic next to toolkit) 60 million by craememp
#31. Clockwork Assembly (Black) 17mil mask-z
#32. Eggs - 23m by Demonous
#33 Book - 12 mil by Sorcon
#34 Book - 17 mil by Sorcon
#35. Jugs of Cider - 26m by Demonous
#36 Ancient Tome of KNowledge 75 mil by Treyster
#37. Special Beard Dye 11mil by nonota123
#38. Hair Dye 4m by Treyster
#39. A Mug of Milk - 41m by Demonous
#40 Silverware - 25 mil by SimonDF
#41 Silverware - 17 mil by Alcestis
#43. Bucket of Water 1mil by M&amp;T
#44. 10 (Plate) - 11m by Demonous
#45 Bottles of Wine 58m by bye kingshore dad
#46 Blunt Gorget of Endurance - 135 million by craememp
#47 Capt. John's hat 750 million by SimonDF
#48. A Ceramic Mug of Water 15 mio Kingshore dad
#49. Ceramic Mug 15 mio Kingshore dad
#50. Dark power crystal - 42 mil by nonota123
#51 Shadow Iron Leggings 28 Mil by The Scandinavian
#53. Bloody Bandage 16 mio by Ceridwen
#54 Brazier 120 Mil by maskz (sold 2x of them)
#55. Bones from a Failed Experiment - 200m by craememp
#56. Chicken Blood - 86m by Demonous
#57. The Head of Lork Khan (can be locked down) 5.25$ by Aang (equivalent to 3mil)
#58. Blood 5 mio by Kingshore Dad
#59. Blood 5 mio by Kingshore Dad
#60. Curde Corroded Mancles 35 mio by SimonDF
#61 Bane of Hylolth 400 Mil by Manticore (sold both swords for this price)
#62 Protector 1300 Mil by Manticore
#63 Orcish Insignia Ring - 22m by Piotr
#64. Ruby Necklace - 15m by Alcestis
#65. Hay 10 mio by Kingshore Dad
#66. Hay 10 mio by Kingshore Dad
#67. Obsidian - 21mil by Noie
#68. Bloodspawn - 3m by Noie
#69. Brimstone - 16mil by Noie
#70. Dragon's Blood - 7m by Noie
#71. Eye of Newt - 6m by Noie
#72. Pumice - 1.5 mil by Noie
#73. Wyrm's Heart - 18mil by Noie
#78, #79, #80 Boulder 180m by maskz
#81. Metal Chest 20 mil by Sorcon
#82. Ringmail Sleeves of the Phoenix 8 mil by Blaine
#83 Sword of the Champion 101 Mil by Sorcon
#84 Gladiator of luna 100 mio by Alcestis
#85. Member of the Royal Britannian Guard 1.75$ by Aang (equivalent to 1 mil)
#86. Covered Chair - 56m by Demonous
#87 Cloak of Minax - 50 Mil Sorcon
#88 Gladiator Chest - 420 million by maskz


I think using a proper auction site would have been a good idea in this case, it was a ton of items and taking bids not just over the boards but PM and ICQ is going to make it really hairy. I mean, people are going to want to pick up bargains, they're going to wait till last minute to bid - if its &lt; ten items then it shouldn't be too hard to juggle but more than that and it's going to leave some disgruntled people.

I did like the ten minute rule, but that should have been something that was either in place from the beginning or was edited in the original post, then the thread title edited to reflect the updated information. But having said that I think Gencore did a pretty good job of juggling things. Unless you run auctions all the time you're probably not going to know everything to think of ahead of time.

Ceridwen DF

So this basically means "If you weren´t fast enough to get it yesterday you might not get it at all"?...
Sorry, but I just don´t really know what to think of your comment about some bids not reflected in the list yet.

And yes, the auction site would have been easier for many - plus it would have prevented people being annoyed because they waited 10mins or more and there was no new bid on the item(s) they were going for... Ah well, too late now anyway.


On his defense, it was a handful of people who avidly voted against the auction site for obvious reasons.

Should the more silent collectors wished to have voiced their opinions on the issue and outweigh the votes against using the site I'm sure Gencore would have preferred using an automated auction site instead of sifting through 100000 ICQs, PMs, and 20 pages of replies in this thread.

Human speed will always be inferior to automated scripts that were made specifically to handle the load of bids that happens during auctions especially at the end. We've seen this time and time again in various player run auction threads.

Alas your options are to either voice your opinions when a poll is being taken on whether to use an auction site or stratics, place very high priced late bids that supersede on time lower bids, or simply opt out of participating in player run auctions all together.

I myself, have long chosen to not participate in anymore auctions not run on websites. I don't care if I have to register or not for the sites, I have plenty email addresses and temporary passwords I can make just for the single auction I'd want to participate it.

On a site everything is seen fairly by everyone, bid histories are seen, and everyone can get their bids in exactly on time and see how much remaining time is left before bidding is closed.

Threads with buyouts will still be my only preferred choice of shopping
No redundant "offer" games nor drama in auctions. Simple cut and dry option to buy or pass.