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[Trading] My Atlantic Gold for Your Siege Gold... 20:1 Ratio, Also buying Vet Rewards & Homes ICQ: 426394637


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Stratics Legend

Also buying castles and keeps on siege for Atlantic gold

as well as vet rewards hit me up with what you got!

Will buy unpicked choices.

Please Dont

Stratics Veteran
Just finished a very large trade with Soulweaver and things couldn't have gone any smoother or faster. If anyone has unclaimed rewards or gold on Siege hit him up trust me you wont find anyone on Atlantic that will pay as well as he is. Thank you Soul will trade again.


Stratics Veteran
I have some unclaimed vet rewards. 144 months account I think, I could part with a couple of choices, what were you needing on Siege and how much you paying on ATL?