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Morrow Trial Verdict plaques Trial Juror - Sarberius

Lord Gareth

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Originally started by Eyes of Sosaria (Copy Post For Reference)
Morrow Trial Verdict plaques Trial Juror

Morrow Trial Verdict plaques Trial Juror - Sarberius
Written By:Merik

I followed Royal Guardsman Sarberius to the city of Moonglow attempting to get a few last minute questions answered I caught up with her just as she walked into the the local Healers building, from what I could tell the back of her neck appeared to be a greyish color with odd bumps which looked like symbols. I waited outside for about three or four hours until I saw the healers door fly off its hinges and Sarberius storming out of the building towards the moongate to the South.

I had a hunch she would be going to the City of Kijustsu Anei Village, I am not one to ignore my hunches. I extracted the rune from my pouch and recalled to the East outer wall of Niva's Hunting Lodge. Thankfully for me the Savages were out preparing for their fall harvest....or slaughter depending how you look at it. I knew I only had a few minutes to get to a good viewing spot so I darted across and hunched down between the Dread Lady Cat clock tower and Sir Charles home. A few moments later I saw Sarberius storming down the Lost Souls Road as I expected, keeping low and close to the building foundations I kept her within view until she swung open the door to the Britannia Mage Tower.

Crossing the road quickly I made my way to the front wall of the Mage Tower, pressing each of the stones attempting to find the secrete passage I saw put in during the Towers construction. Finding the passage I slowly pushed it open just enough to squeeze between and enter. I did not have to go far to overhear the argument happening between Sarberius and Gareth. Every word became filled with more and more anger as they erupted from her mouth, at one point I even became frightened of her words.

As they both raised their voices attempting to dominate the other I could only make out a few words. Sarberius must have shouted "PUMICE?" "PUMICE?" four or five times as I heard a stone smack the floor and skip across the tiles. After that she shouted, "I WILL NO LONGER BE YOUR PAWN IN YOUR PERSONAL VENDETTAS!"

The next thing I saw was something I would have never thought possible, a bracelet type object slammed against the wall only inches from my face. As I watched it fall into the shadows I recognized the markings and knew it was the Lightenburg family crest and as I slowly made my way back through the passage I could hear the satisfied footsteps of Sarberius as she walked out the front door.