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More Parties Fun = More Fun Parties! (More Fun Announced)


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News from Toontown.com:

Toon Parties are already so much fun with Toons launching out of Cannons, bouncing on Trampolines, and shaking their shorts on the Dance Floor -- how could we make them better? By adding more things to do! That's right -- new Toon Parties activities are finally here!​

We've been having a blast with three weeks of awesome new Toon Parties releases, which are available now at a Party Gate near you:​

Tug-of-War - A Toon vs Toon
party game!
Fireworks - Your very own
fireworks show!
New Dance Floor - Now with 20
dance moves!
New Jukebox - Now with 40
spectacular songs!
More Cannons - Now up to 10
per party!
More Trampolines - Now up to eight per party!​

"Noise Maker" Decoration - "Make
"Party Stage" Decoration - "No
diving allowed!"
"Party Bow" Decoration - "Pretty as
can be!"
"Party Gate" Decoration - It's both
"fabulous and fun"!
"Pinwheel" Decoration - A
"spectacularly static spinner"!​

Whew, with so much to do what are you waiting for? Let's get to partying!!!​