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Moonglow Moongate Sale - EM Rares Galore!

Silent Singer

Stratics Veteran
Hi all,

I'm still having a lot of problems with my arms, and not playing on Siege at all these days.

I have put the rest of my EM rares on sale on my Moonglow Moongate vendor.

The big 4 are rares that are old or extremely limited ( a 1 of 2 ) or that many people have asked to buy from me. These are:

Season 1 (2003)
Cloak of Minax
1 of ? (I only know of 1 other, these were dropped on all shards but number on Siege is unknown)

Season 3 (2005)
Evil Archmage Handbook
1 of 20

Season 8 (2010)
Robe Of An Evil Wench
1 of 2 !!!

Season 12 (2014)
I Survived The Moonglow Quarantine
1 of ?

Each of these are priced at 5 mil on the vendor.

The second group includes some nice rares as well:

Season 15 (2017)
An Intricate Lattice Of Fragile Bennuite Crystals
1 of 25
Item is CURSED

Season 16 (2018)
A Replica Of The Trophy Presented To King Blackthorn At His Coronation Ceremony
1 of ?

These are priced at 2.5 mil.

I also have put a few EM rares for 700k and some event items at 500k and 300k.

siege rares 2.JPG

Thanks for looking,

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