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Mizuho EM Website

EM Misaki

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Hello everyone,

Mizuho(Japan) EM website was founded.

EM event on Mizuho shard will be announced on this website.

Please check our website!

*Sorry Japanese only

I'm looking forward to seeing you at events:)

EM Misaki


we welcome the appointed EM Misaki

In Citizen Events that we have provided in the past
King Blacksorn's personality was important

I hope the continuity of personality

Most important personality is 'Swain'

We continue to courting him
I want from EM Kanata to inherit the past of information

In past events
He received a proposal
'Costume' 'Box' 'lunch,Room Interior'

So We was able to know his favorite at that time

For his fans
For Maiden that have dream to become a lover
It's a very valuable information

Maybe in 4th Event
King Blacksorn will be proposed a number of date course
We are grateful to you in our humor

Mizuho Minoc Governo DrumOne
(Wrote it , Possibility of Absent M&G)