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[Catskills] Miner’s Competition, Fund Raising in Minoc 10/11/13, 7 PM EST


Stratics Veteran
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Held on Friday October 11th, 2013 at 7:00 PM by the Eastern Skies!

It would be open to grandmaster miners for an entrance fee of 50,000 gold that is donated to the city. Miners would be given (or they could provide) a packhorse and allowed 5 shovels. They would have to be completely empty of all other items including armor, jewelry, etc. — a simple robe would be provided. A search would be done to ensure the integrity of the competition. Mining will commence at 8 o'clock sharp and would be limited to the Minoc Mines, just across the bridge. The Royal Britannian Guards of Minoc and of Umbra will be on hand to provide security and keep an eye on the competitors., other RBG chapters are welcomed to help and assist as well.

They have until all their shovels are used up. No special magical items (Miner’s Gloves, Gargoyle’s Pickaxe, and/or Prospector’s Tool) are allowed. The miner with the most ingots would be crowned the winner, with bonus given for special ingots as follows.

1 iron ingot = 1 point
1 dull copper ingot = 2 points
1 shadow ingot = 3 points
1 copper ingot = 4 points
1 bronze ingot = 5 points
1 golden ingot = 6 points
1 agapite ingot = 7 points
1 verite ingot = 8 points
1 valorite ingot = 9 points

Miners would get to keep their ingots, or they can donate them to the city for reputation with Minoc. Prizes would be as follows:

Gold Medal Winner — 1,000,000 gold donated by The Romanus Family — Special Title Given to the Winner: Gold Medal Winner of Minoc

Silver Medal Winner — 500,000 gold donated by the Trade and Commerce Commission — Special Title Given to 1st Runner Up: Silver Medal Winner of Minoc

Bronze Medal Winner — 100,000 gold donated by the Royal Britannian Guards — Special Title Given to the 2nd Runner Up: Bronze Medal Winner of Minoc

A commencement ceremony and speeches by the Governor of Minoc, Miss Ariana Erikkson and by representatives of the three patrons that have donated to the contest: Mr. Marius de Romanus on behalf of his family, Mr. Jonas Callahan, President of the Trade and Commerce Commission of Sosaria, and my uncle Capt. Kalmar Erikkson of the Royal Britannian Guards. Citizens of Minoc are encouraged to donate to the city and to enjoy the Winner’s Banquet — dancing, free ale, free food — held after the event in the Barnacle Tavern of Minoc. Come cheer on your favorite miner!

The schedule of events would be as follows:
7:00 PM to 7:30 PM EST — Commencement Ceremonies, Speeches.
7:30 PM to 8:00 PM EST — Preparations for the Competition
8:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST — Miner’s Competition, Finals
8:30 PM to 8:45 PM EST — Tally Marks, Winner Announcements
8:45 PM to 9:00 PM EST — Awards and Medal Ceremony
9:00 PM to Sun Up EST — The Winner’s Banquet Party

We hope that folks come from far and wide for this fun, promotional event that will help the town of Minoc engage in trade agreements and re-establish its RBG chapter for Minoc to improve the overall security of the town.

Ariana Erikkson, Governor of Minoc
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Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Just a reminder guys that this is THIS coming Friday! I would appreciate if you all can try to make it! Thanks soooo much.

~ Sue.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
*published results from the Miner's Competition --- Medal Podium Winners*

725 Regular
29 Dull Copper
26 Shadow
12 Copper
30 Bronze
33 Golden
16 Agapite
12 Verite

902 Regular
16 Dull Copper
75 Shadow
52 Copper
225 Bronze
35 Agapite

728 Regular
56 Dull Copper
66 Shadow
6 Copper
39 Bronze
4 Golden
4 Agapite

I wish to thank the following players for their kindness and assistance in making this event a success!

- Slayer of Bunnys for his generous donation of his time and materials to provide our competitors with the necessary shovels.

- Lady Pandora de Romanus for not only donating the money for the prizes but helping me set up the speech area in Minoc and playing my "Uncle Kalmar" too and inspiring my character's story, as well as playing "Marius".

- The contestants themselves for donating their proceeds from the competition to the city in the pursuit of getting our Minoc Docks built!

- The city of Minoc for giving me inspiration to write the story of my lil character Ariana and her family, the great and well-respected Erikksons of Minoc.

Looking forward to the next Miner's Competition next term, hopefully if I am elected. And I will have more contests and fund raisers for the city real soon. :)

~ Sue.