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Middle of Gnomewhere



OK so it has been about 4 years since I left TSO and I was bored so I googled TSO and Middle of Gnomewhere and what do you know it brought me HERE! My husband (RobRoy) and I played from Beta up till about 2004. Our first house was Skills N Thrills.. it was one of the first houses in Interhogan when the game went live and it was featured on Gamespot (Pics of it here) http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/sims...&om_clk=gsimage&tag=images;header;more&page=1

Then we opened a little house called Middle of Gnomewhere... opened a little radio station called KROC then Radio-Phoenix. We had some of the best times of our lives there. Saturday nights Drunken Gnome Night!! Anyone remember that? I know we had great roomies... some of whom I remember (SweetAnita who is now my sister in law lol) and some I don't (Antonio Scarbeti lol) but we had a great time and they got me through one of the most difficult times of my life, the death of my mom.

If any of you know me or my hubby please feel free to drop me a line on here or if you play WoW you will find me in Quel' Dorei as SapphyreVox or Alleeya. Until then this is Sapphy signing off one last time with a great big



Wow Sapphy, its been a long time.

I remember you and RobRoy and the wonderful Middle of Gnomewhere and Sweet Anita too - she was so aptly named

Seeing your post reminded me of the awards we ran way back so I had a little dig around and can't believe that I still have this, but here for prosperities sake are the nominations and results for the Interhogan Sim Awards from June 2003.

Your name crops up quite a few times !

Thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories.


1. The “Please come again” Award – all round nicest sim,

1st Place: Sweet Anita (13 votes)
2nd Place: Polly (12 votes)
3rd Place: Kari Sim 9 votes

2. The "Don't darken my door again" Award - sim least likely to be asked back

Joint 1st place: Tommy Stone and Martha May
4 votes each

3. The “Woof Award” – sexiest sim

Ok we have a tie !!

1st Place: Tzimisce and Hile both got 14 votes
2nd Place: Holden and Sphinx Swinger both got 5 votes.

Aaron Weasel, Golden Diva, Jake Zellars and Moose Charming all got 4 votes

Actually Tzimisce received 15 votes – but one was from Aeryn and one was from Aeryn Murdoch Hearst !

4. “Chirpy Chirp Chirp” Award – chattiest sim – most likely to get the whole room talking.

1st Place: Emma Dilorenzo 14 votes
2nd Place: Sapphy 9 votes
3rd Place: Polly 8 votes

5. The "ROFLMAO" Award – sim that makes you laugh the most

1st Place: Antonio Scarbeti 10 votes
2nd Place: Rob Roy 9 votes
3rd Place: Moose Charming 7 votes

6. The 24/7 Award - Sim most likely to be online when you log on.

1st Place: Polly 15 votes
2nd Place: Bae 14 votes
3rd Place: Izzabella (Izzy) and Willa both got 7 votes

7. The Liz Talyor Award – Sim most likely to change spouse, more often than they change their underwear

1st Place tie: Jim Sim and Splash both with 5 votes
2nd Place: Rottener Ronnie 3 votes
3rd Place: Vortex 2 votes

8. The "Rip Van Winkle" Award: Sim most likely to turn up in their PJs

1st Place: Saphhy 9 votes
2nd Place: Shrendic 7 votes
3rd Place: Spencer (spanky) Fontaine with 6 votes

9. The "Goofy" award : sim most likely to goof off – lock you in the shower/make you pee your pants award

1st Place: Bae 12 votes
2nd Place: Willa, Krom and Shrendic all with 7 votes
3rd Place: Sheralyn with 6 votes

10. The "Pink TuTu" Award – Sim most likely to be in costume

1st Place: Navarr 9 votes
2nd Place: Krom 7 votes
3rd Place: Sprout 5 votes

11. The "Butt Groove" Award – Sim most likely to be found doing nothing

1st Place: Aaron Weasel 10 votes
2nd Place: Mick McGregor 6 votes
3rd Place: Hile 5 votes

12. "The Dearly Departed" Award – most missed sim

1st Place: Annemarie 6 votes

Dahlea, Sangria, Draykin and Jarrodd all got 4 votes

13. The “Get a room” Award – the couple that most need to – well get a room!

1st Place: Brianna McGregor and Miguel 11 votes
2nd Place: Lilac Moon and Shrendic 8 votes
3rd Place: Catey and Simon Pure 6 votes

14. The “I name this Sim” Award – best sim name

1st Place tie: Fyregoddess and Kissa Myass both with 7 votes
2nd Place tie: Harbinger of Death and Sphinx Swinger both with 6 votes

Golden Diva, Moose Charming, Spongebob Disco and The Dog Goes all got 4.


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I been trying to remember why it all sounded familiar....this brings it all back to me!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)


Even though I didn't really hang out in IH all that much during the early days, I still distinctly remember RobRoy and Sapphyre, and Skills n' Thrills.

Wow, it's so good to see you again, even under these circumstances!


Just so you are all aware. A name that popped up on the Sim Awards a few times was Moose Charming. His name was very appropriate as he could be VERY charming and always the gentleman. Sadly Moose Charming passed away irl a few years ago. He is sorely missed ~Sapphy

Wyld Cherry

Robroy, why does that name sound formilure (sorry for the misspell lol tired). Did you two work for Fueled Radio or amd I thinking of a different robroy LoL

If so, sorry I do apologize lOl


Well we started out with a brief stint on KSIM.... then we branched out on our own and founded KROC which later became Radio-Phoenix. But no we never were on Fueled at all ~ Sapphy