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[Blacksmithing] Metal armor penalty



Hello all, I was smithing some armor suits the other day and recalled something from when I played in the late 90's that I thought I should ask the community about...

Metal armor pieces had a hidden dex penalty attached to them. It scaled with the type of piece i.e. plate's penalty was larger than ringmail. It wasn't huge, and with today's much larger dex/stamina numbers, it probably wouldn't make that much of an impact.

Does this hidden penalty still exist?


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The main impact that I know with metal suits (any type), is the -MR.

Humans gain base MR from using a med suit (normal leather).
This is since ALL humans have 20 in all skills, so thats 20 focus/med.

Even a warrior (in UO) needs MR now, for special moves.

See Mana Regeneration - UOGuide for more info :)


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I am not sure exactly when it changed but long ago there was much hidden that did not show in the desription. Now the only thing that doesn't show is that it affects mana regeneration and meditation. There is basically no advantage to metal armor.


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No, the dex penalty went away with AoS 8 years ago.