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Message returned to Drevyn D'Amavir


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Dramora stared at the parchment sitting on the table. She wished she felt better about this meeting. What she really felt, however, was that this was a HUGE mistake.

With a small sigh, she wrote the note she really didn’t want to write.


Thank you for agreeing to meet with the Alliance leaders.

We would like to meet with you on Wednesday at 7 pm by the Eastern sky.

I will meet you at the Blue Boar tavern in Britain.


Mistress of Virtue
Guardians of Virtue

Sending for a runner, she sealed the note and set aside the feelings of impending doom.

Mistress of Virtue
Guardians of Virtue (GV)


Stratics Veteran
The red haired rogue took the message from the runner and tossed him a gold piece for his troubles, "Hold for a moment, I will send a response."

Pulling parchment from his pack, he wrote

"Lady Dramora,

I am delighted to reply that I will be able to attend your small gathering. I will be accompanied by the Commander of our family guard, Lucas Bly, as well as an Emissary of House D'Amavir, Leoric."

With Respect,
Drevyn D'Amavir
Advisor to the Elder
House D'Amavir

Handing the message to the runner, along with an additional coin, Drevyn turned away and made his way back into the tavern.
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