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Mesona's failure, again!


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Mesona, the junior secretary of Britannia event promotion association, announces tommorow's event on Japanese shards:
She made gifts for adventurers of Britannia in her house, and she went out. When she goes out of the house, she always sets crime prevention system, and she did so also at this time. But she lost the key to halt the system and can't get into the house now. But she thinks that adventurers of Britannia could get throujgh the crime prevention system and get to her house. The crime prevention system and the house will be demolished after a while.

Now what to do: to get to Mesona's house and get gifts there before her house will be demolished.

At WBB on each shard, Mesona will open a gate to the entrance to her house according to the following schedule:

Event schedule on Japanese shards:

April 26th EDT
Yamato 07:00 Izumo 08:20
Asuka 07:20 Mizuho 08:40
Wakoku 07:40 Sakura 09:00
Hokuto 08:00 Mugen 09:20

Double click something in the house to get the gift!