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Memorial for Lady Morgana

Izzy MBC

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Hello everyone,

I'm not sure how to broach this, because it did not unfold in a manner I anticipated, and now I've found myself in a terribly awkward position.

2-3 years ago, Lady Morgana of Moonglow passed away. She was a friend of many at 'Glow, and no doubt across the shard.

Back in 2013, Lady Morgana organised to have a memorial erected in the name of Lady Alana Dayne (placed west of Moonglow moongate), who was a mutual, dear friend of ours back in the day. It was a really beautiful thought to have a memorial for a well-loved, core member of the community, and I personally visit Alana's gravestone most times I log in.

I felt similarly the late Lady Morgana deserved no less. So I opened the topic via email with EM Sarah to ask if it was possible. Much to my surprise today, I received an email declaring that it was not only possible, but that it had been accepted and implemented; already Morgana's memorial is in-place, right near Alana's. (I was actually heading to 'Glow gate earlier and was stunned when it caught my eye, prompting me to check my emails).

I didn't expect it to happen so suddenly; I planned to reach out to old friends (I had only talked about this idea with Wanda) to discuss if you would be happy with it, and also about where it could be located.

You might be wondering, why am I concerned? Well;

I didn't get a chance to discuss it with those who knew her (and better than I, might I add), and involve you in the process. It was never my intention to go around peoples backs.

I am also not blaming/complaining about the EM's actions (a fast response & turn around actually). It seems I should have been more clear in my initial email, so please don't misunderstand my posting here EM Sarah, I express no displeasure :) The Memorial Stone is lovely, thank you.

So, this is both an apology for how this came about without first consulting more of you, and also to declare, hopefully without contestation, that Lady Morgana has received a Memorial Stone in Moonglow.

Kind regards,



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Morgana of Monglow

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I know it could be strange to see Morgana around , even if most of those lovely people who used to play with Her know that Sally isn't with us anymore . I can name some, but i won't , you know who you are and i just can't find the right words because I, Andrew, I was accepted on a lovely, LOVELY human thing and on most of UO Europa Community. I "know" most of You because i used to sit close to Sally when she was playing this game so...even if i didn't had my own account...i know alot of You all . Sally was one of those peoples who used to sit in Moonglow, at bank fence and all the crew did some nice stuff in the past . THE one I remember was .....they were all pink dressed because the Woman breast cancer . So, THIS game isn't just a bunch of pixel afterall . It took me alot of time to make me thinking to briing up Her both accounts and keep playing -AND-, most, to NOT delete Her beloved character , the one She loved really so much . So i'm sorry if someone of You feel "weird" if Morgana's around, because who's playing it is a different person. It's just...i loved Her in real life, ANYTHING She did was kind of magic really. Now....i had a nice private chat with Izzy about the memorial stone and it took me couple's days to decide to recall to Moonglow to go see it "in person" . But i did it . I can try to explain about my feeling but i just can't. It's something deep and personal. Even if it's a game . I was told ( spoiler ) about flowers...and when i was told about who're growing this stuff "i had no surprise"...because they are two of those person that Sally LOVED really, playing with , chatting with etc .

I'm VERY, VERY grateful to Izzy for the memorial idea, to EM Sarah who made and placed it, The Britain crew and all the Europa Peoples.

Sally's not gone. She around us, still. NO, isn't something Religion-related NOR that i won't realize that She's gone . It's something different.


Minerva Foxglove

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Lovely post Andrew, we at the bank meet know well who you are and welcome your visites! Ireland, the crafter is in our guild still and we knew and loved your Sally. She wrote me a book once, I was reading it the other day... Come see us more often dont be shy ;)