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Memor Inferi [RP/PvE Guild]



Status: Closed | Region: International | Apply Here
We are currently only accepting applications with in an house recommendation​

Mankind has been battered, pushed to the brink of our own existence. Those who have fought the elder dragons alone have paid for it in blood. The gods have abandoned us. Our people lose heart as we give up the lands of our fathers, and our queen is desperate for an answer. With no answer in sight, we need to look to our past for direction. The heroes of Old Ascalon: Rurik, Mhenlo, Devona, must now guide our hands. We've learned from the ghosts of Ascalon that bitter rivalry with the charr can only end in disaster. To push back the centaurs, and to face the threat of the elder dragons, our peoples have to put aside old rivalries and unite with other races to survive. Alone, we follow Ascalon into the abyss. Together, with the asuran, norn, sylvari, and even the charr, we can regain much our land and our pride. Evil has been allowed to reign freely throughout Tyria for too long. In defiance, we will hold to our guild words Memor Inferi, "remember the dead.” United against evil, we shall honor our ancestors with a life worth living.

Our order travels the land, seeking knowledge about the past so that we may better understand our present. We search for more information on the elder dragons to figure out what we are facing. Our current objective stems from clues left by ancient dwarven texts. We need to learn more of Primordus' "destroyers" in the wetlands southwest of Tyria. Another task for our guild is to try to better understand the pasts of each race so that we may find some common ground with our new allies. This task is ongoing, and requires the cooperation of our outside contacts. We work for low cost, finding reward in learning what we can from the world around us. Our guild is associated with the Durmand Priory, and we use their library as our base of operations in Divinity’s Reach. Those who wish to hire our services or sell information can find us in the Durmand Hall.

Who are you?

Memor Inferi is a casual PvE/RP guild seeking active players. All races and classes are welcome!

What events are you planning?

Funday Mondays – Every Monday evening we get together and do something different. Past Funday Mondays have included such mishaps as armorless vanquishing and 3 manned missions.

Noobie Tuesdays – Each Tuesday the guild will adopt a new recruit to help. We’ll assist them with quests, gathering supplies, answering questions, and gearing up.

Wednesday Tales - Each week we hold a storytelling event for our RP members. In character, we will recount adventures or tell of tales we have heard. This is also where members can expand upon the guild lore, and bring up new information on the elder dragons and the histories of the races. Beginners are welcome to join in and share some tales in character.

Photo-shoot Thursdays – Every Wednesday we hold a competition for the best looking screenshot. Over the week members can post their best screenshots in the related topic, Every member will be able to take part in the voting process through a poll on the forums. The winner will receive something nice.

Friday Night Fights – Each Friday our PvP members will join together in World vs. World and try to take and hold a keep.

Monthly Auctions – We give members 10 coppers to bid on rare items that the guild collects. We’ll conduct the auctions over the forums for the first week of every month. Bids over 10 coppers won’t be allowed, making it fair for everyone.

Are you a roleplaying guild?

Very light, but we do offer it. We are mainly a guild for anyone who wants PvE gameplay.

What roleplaying can I expect?

Memor Inferi does offer a loose background lore for players to roleplay with while within the guild and members are encouraged to share their characters with us! Hardcore roleplayers are welcome here, but you may not find the roleplaying experience that you would expect out of the usual roleplaying guild. However, we are happy to be your OOC home for when you want to sit back and just play!

Server: Tarnished Coast

Contacts: Nelthamus, Annaveil
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Memor Inferi is still recruiting. Our roster continues to grow as we wait for release.


Memor Inferi offers various roles for its members. You can be an archaeologist and search for lost artifacts. You can be an historian and try to decipher clues about the elder dragons. Or you can be a diplomat and gain support for the guild.
Memor Inferi - Guild website - Home


Memor Inferi has opened recruitment back up until we get 10 more members.


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Good to hear that things are going great for you all :)


Memor Inferi has branched into PvP with our Friday Night Fights events. We get together on a single server and have an in house guild sPvP match.

We also have added scheduled dungeon runs each Sunday afternoon. Signups are on the forums.