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Member introductions

Lucky Luke

Stratics Veteran
Figured i'd make the first thread for these forums :)

Hey, i'm mainly known as Wally :p Been in the guild for couple of months now. I'm 30 years old, from Belgium and i work as a webdeveloper. One of my hobbies is wave surfing, i'm not good at it but i love doing it and it helps keep my weight under control hehe.

In the game i love playing on my sampire, Minerva, that i recently finished making a suit for. Took me a lot of hard work to build but the result is pretty nice. Other then that i love playing on Meridith, my mystic disco provo mage (building it after slappy's template cos it roxxors and cos i'm lame like that). Then i also have an archer, Murdock, which is still being trained up... And a crafter named Beuzen to make the gear/weaps.

I own a shop, just outside of luna's walls to the North, called Malas Market. I do my best to provide some basic resources there and earn me some spending money :p If you ever need a vendor, just ask and i'll hook you up (as long as you're not competing with what i'm selling lol).

Oh yeah, Belgium beer is the best!

Signing out,