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McWolf hints, tips and general guide (take 2)


Fangs McWolf

Note: Due to a post size limit, I remade this thread and broke it into smaller parts.

Anyone may use this guide, so don't feel excluded if you aren't making a McWolf. The basic intent of this is to make sure that little known secrets, ideas or ways of doing things are put out in the open, even if they seem so simple or common that you'd think everyone knows it. Also want to provide little tidbits of information that might help new players remember things by association. I do welcome helpful information that can be put in here, but no detailed instructions such as gag training, step by steps for individual tasks, etc. If a post is made elsewhere on here with that information, I will gladly link to it from here.

Table of Contents
    • Tasks and Task shopping
    • Gags and Gag choices
    • Fishing
    • "Help a new toon" tasks
    • Miscellaneous Tidbits

  • [post=930041]TOON PLAYGROUNDS[/post]
    • TTC - ToonTown Central
    • DD - Donald's Dock
    • DG - Daisy Gardens
    • MM - Minnie's Melodyland
    • TB - The Brrrrgh
    • DL - Donald's Dreamland

  • [post=930045]COG HQ, COG SUITS AND ESTATES[/post]
    • Sellbot HQ
    • Cashbot HQ
    • Lawbot HQ
    • Bossbot HQ
    • Cog Suits
    • Estates


Tasks and Task shopping
  • You do NOT have to get your tasks from a Toon HQ. You can get them from just about any shop except for gag shops, clothing shops and pet shops. There are some other exceptions but the main thing to remember is that if a Toon HQ doesn't offer you something good, go into a shop. Often times you can find tasks that are much easier when you go to shops.
    As a personal note, when I was working Fangs, I was able to do many tasks to get frames for a gag track for just defeating cogs instead of tasks to visit shops where they have you running around for the same reward.
  • Task Shopping - Learn to TASK SHOP! There are some tasks that are tedious and are thought to be required but really if you shop you can avoid them. The best tasks to get are ones that give you something you need in return for killing a certain number of any-type cogs.
    • Examples of good tasks: Defeat 10 cogs anywhere. Defeat 6 Level 2+ Cogs Anywhere.
    • Examples of tasks to avoid if at all possible: Defeat 10 Two+ Story buildings. Defeat 20 Micromanagers. Defeat 50 Level 5+ BossBots in ToonTown Central. (The last one is not a real task, but if it were, you'd be stuck with that one for awhile unless you are around during good invasions).
    • I promise you, if you learn to do competitive task shopping, you'll save yourself a LOT of headaches.
  • Do smart task matching. When you can carry more than one task at a time, you will do good to find tasks that match up. Having 2 tasks that you can't work at the same time will only slow you down. Example, if you have to defeat some Minglers and Bossbots. When you get a task that requires you to visit a shop owner, then DO THAT TASK FIRST. Work that task until you are required to kill some cogs. THEN look for another task to work with it. If you're required to kill some cashbots in a certain playground area, then find another task that requires you to kill cogs or cashbots or a cashbot building.

Gags and Gag choices
  • When fighting multiple cogs, remember that the strongest cog in the battle is the strongest gag you can use and still get gag points for using it, even if you use it on a weaker cog. Example, if you are in a battle with a level 3 and a level 1, then you can use level 3 gags on the level 1 cog and get credit for it. For that reason, kill the level 1 cog first and then work on killing the level 3. This is a good strategy to use to build up gag points quickly. Main thing you want to keep in mind is to kill off cogs that are stronger than your highest gag level because they can do more damage, and then use your strong gags to kill off the weak cogs before killing off the rest. It's hard to explain but once you understand the concept, it's rather easy to follow.
  • Quick tips about gags in general (useful knowledge when you need gag points)
    • All gags: When you are choosing a gag to use, look at the color behind the gag. If it's blue, you will get credit for that gag (if it works). If it's green, then you won't get any credit for it. Another way to tell is to look on the right when you have the mouse over the gag you want to use. You will see "Skill credit". It tells you how many gag points you will get if your gag works.
    • ToonUp: So long as your toonup gag does at least 1 point of healing AND the toons laughter is not all lower case (is either HA HA or Hee Hee but NOT ha ha or hee hee), then you will get credit for it. So multiple people can use toon up gags and everyone can get credit for their gags.
    • Trap: Is the only gag track where only 1 gag (from that track) can be used on a cog at a time. If 2 or more people trap the same cog during the same round, the trap gags will poof away.
    • Lure: You only get credit for lure if (a) it works and (b) at least one of the lured cogs gets hit for damage before it wakes up from that lure.
    • Sound: Only gag that doesn't get knock back bonus when used on lured cogs. Sound per person is weak, but when used by a group, is very powerful. It's the only gag where 4 non-level 7 gags can take out a group of 12's in 1 round.
    • Throw: You will need to get to at least a whole cream pie in order to proceed past MM tasks. Is one of the more powerful gag tracks that everyone has.
    • Squirt: Not as strong as throw but is usually more accurate. Is also the recommended stunning gag to use when someone is going to use drop.
    • Drop: Is the only gag that won't work on lured cogs.
  • Gag choices - It's important to learn which gags to use during a battle and how to make good gag choices based on what others are doing. I won't go into much detail but I will touch on a couple of important facts. There are some gag combinations that work well together and some that are absolutely horrible. Learn them and worship them.
    • Good combinations: Trap/Lure, Squirt/Drop (squirt is the recommended stunner for drop gags)
    • HORRIBLE combinations: More than one person trapping the same cog at the same time.
    • Other combinations: Sometimes, it's a horrible idea to use sound gags on lured cogs. Other times, it's a great idea. If the only sound you have is a bike horn, you've got only like 65 laff points, the only other player is luring and you've got 4 level 12's in front of you, it's a safe bet that you'd be an idiot to use your bike horn at that time. HOWEVER, if you're in a boss battle with a row of 9's in front of you, one player is fogging and 2 are using elephant, then it'd be a wonderful idea to try to use lure. If lure works, then it's almost a guarantee that sound will work, but even if sound misses, the cogs are lured and won't attack.
  • Gags - with the exception of organic gags and level 6/7 gags, the cupcake is the only gag that can kill a cog of the same level (level 1) by itself when it's maxed. (Starts out doing 4 points damage, when maxed does 6 points damage and a level 1 cog has 6 life points.) This can come in handy when you're still a new toon.

  • When possible, fish on a pier that is aimed right at the fisherman. That way when you hop off to sell your fish, you just run straight, sell, turn around, run back to the pier and poof, you'll be automatically turned around to face the right way again.
  • When Bingo Fishing is on, fish at your estate (or at a friends estate). When your bucket is full, just cast another line and you'll be given the option to sell your bucket. Then you can continue to fish, without ever leaving your pier. This is the best time to fish at an estate and you might get one of the rare fish in the meantime.

"Help a new toon" tasks
  • First, if you have a choice between buildings and cogs, pick cogs if the number of cogs is like 20 or less. Otherwise, pick a building if it's for only 5 or less buildings. But if you pick to do buildings, make sure you have friends who will follow you to other playgrounds to fight buildings. There are pros and cons to both tasks.
  • If you help 2 or 3 toons at the same time then you get credit not only for each toon, but for each cog (or building). Example, if you are in a battle with 3 new toons and the 4 of you fight 3 cogs, then you will get credit for 9 cogs. If the task is to help a new toon defeat like 3 buildings, then take 3 new toons with you into the building and your task will be complete.
  • Wait it gets even better. If you have 4 of that same task, you get credit on all of them. Simply put, its one of the easiest tasks there is when you know you can work it quickly.

Miscellaneous Tidbits
  • If you're on a street and need to return to the playground to get gags or to get onto a different street - open your book and "return to playground". Some people don't catch onto that idea until they're almost done with DL.
  • Learn to change districts - If a shop you need is a building, then if you can't handle it on your own, change districts. It's usually faster than calling on friends because by the time you complete the building, you could have changed districts and run to the shop there. Don't get me wrong, it's good for your gag points, but if you are looking to get the task done, try changing districts.
  • Invasions - they can be your friend and they can be your enemy. If you are ever in a building, factory, mint, DA office or CGC and someone says "Let's catch the next one." or "There's a cog invasion!" followed by "No.", then they are telling you that they want to wait for a new cog invasion to begin. Don't be a goober by ignoring them. While on the streets or in the playground of a cog HQ, you will get double the normal gag points while there's an invasion going on. For buildings, it's a little different. If there is an invasion when you enter a floor of a building, then you will get invasion points for the gags you use even if the invasion ends while you're on that floor. Likewise, if you enter a floor when there is no invasion, then you won't get bonus gag points even if an invasion starts. This is helpful when you want to work your gags. Go into a 5 story building and if there is an invasion on when you enter the 5th floor, then you will get 6x the gag points (without an invasion, you would get only 3x the points). So invasions can be your friend. They can also be your enemy! If you need to defeat cashbots and there are constant lawbot invasions being called, then you're screwed. If you're only 15 laff and you're faced up against a Big Cheese in TTC and you're by yourself, then chances are, you're screwed. Don't forget though, you can always change districts.
  • Talking to shop keepers - if you jump up and while in mid-air start talking to the shop keeper, to others you will appear to be floating. On your screen it will appear as normal.

(see next post for the different playgrounds)

[email protected]:42 Gag tips

Fangs McWolf

TTC - ToonTown Central
  • Obviously you MUST ride the trolley before you do anything else. So go ahead, ride the trolley and then visit the Toon HQ to turn the task in.
  • Now, ride the trolley again and play games until you are loaded with gags, have 40 beans on you and you KNOW that you have 50 or more beans at your estate.
  • Next work your tasks until you get the one telling you to go to your estate to look at your Cattle Log. While you are looking at it for the first time, buy your gardening kit. It usually arrives within seconds, but if it doesn't show up within a minute, then just return later when it does to plant your throw and squirt gags. When you get your lure track (unless you go lureless), start planting lure gags. Not only will it help you with increased luring accuracy, but that in turn will earn you lure points faster.

  • Now for the big run. That's right, time to clear your map.
    • From the TTC playground, make a quick trip to Goofy's Speedway and buy a Kart whlie you're there.
    • Make your way to Sellbot HQ. (Silly Street to Elm Street, then once on Elm, 'return to playground' in your book and run up Oak Street to Sellbot HQ.)
    • Next you need to visit Bossbot HQ. (Once on Barnacle Boulevard or Seaweed Street, 'return to playground', then run through Chip n' Dale's Acorn Acres to Chip n' Dale's Golf to Bossbot HQ.)
    • Now make your way to Lawbot HQ. (Lighthouse Lane to Walrus Way, then 'return to playground', run to Polar Place and take the short cut to get to Lawbot HQ quickly.)
    • After that, you need to make your way to Donald's Dreamland. (Sleet Street to Baritone Boulevard, 'return to playground', then up Tenor Terrace to Lullaby Lane and 'return to playground')
    • Finally, a trip to Cashbot HQ via Pajama Place. While on the way there, make a stop off at "Talking In Your Sleep Voice Training". Go inside, say "Would you like some help?" and then you'll have the free "Resistance Salute" emotion. Back out the door and finish the trip to Cashbot HQ.
  • Now your map is cleared so you can teleport to anyone regardless of where they are. ALSO, you already have 'teleport access to ToonTown Central'. Just open your book and either click on Goofy's Speedway OR change your district to Welcome Valley.
  • Silly Street has a shortcut just past the Toon HQ. When you run past it, the street will force you to go left (heading away from TTC and to DG). Instead, you can go into the corner on the right and it's a small 'alley' that will skip you close to the end of the street. Also from there you can get to the Used Clown Cars for one of your tasks.
  • Punchline Place has a shortcut just before the Toon HQ. While running up the street, you'll pass the 2 culdesacs (1 on each side), the street will take you right and then left. Then where it turns left again, you'll have the fishing pond on the right and just past that is another 'small alley'. It's not a major shortcut, but where it puts you out at, the very first shop on the left is for another task. "Professor Wiggle's House of Giggles"

DD - Donald's Dock
  • None of the streets have shortcuts.
  • Is the only tasking playground where you can go swimming.

DG - Daisy Gardens
  • AVOID the tasks where you have to take some gags to Sophie Squirt. If you take it, you'll find that it's a trick. The task specifically is something like taking 10 squirt guns to Sophie Squirt. But simply remember, if it's to take ANY gags to her, AVOID IT! This is where shopping around will save you massive headaches.
  • None of the streets have shortcuts.
  • There is a task where the reward is to carry 3 toon tasks at the same time. It asks you to defeat 2 buildings for the reward. After that you're asked to defeat 2 more buildings, 2+ stories each and then you're asked to defeat 2 more that are 3+ stories each. Depending on your point of view, it may not seem all that bad, but you can find the same reward for doing a much easier task (such as defeating a few cogs). [rainwatercat]

MM - Minnie's Melodyland
  • AVOID the task to visit Dr. Fret. Seriously, do NOT take it. Shop around.
  • None of the streets have shortcuts but Tenor Terrace does have a culdesac and a block that isn't connected with either side of the street (near Toon HQ). It's the only street like that with the exception of the Toon HQ's on the streets.
  • At the tunnel leading to Baritone Boulevard, in the stone area facing the gag shop is where there is a musical note treasure sometimes hides at. So if you're in MM and need one and can't see any, try walking into that corner. (Found this one on my own)

TB - The Brrrrgh
  • Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the LOM (Lil Oldman) tasks. If you haven't already done tasks for him, you'll learn soon enough why so many people hate him. To quote Sally McWolf, "i hate u rabbit".
  • There is a shortcut on Polar Place that works in a few ways. It connects the near beginning with the end and also connects with the section right next to the Toon HQ on the street. From the beginning, you follow the street to the right and then when it goes right again, go into the left corner.
  • On Polar Place, from the beginning, follow the street to the right and to the right again. Up ahead you'll see where the fishing pond is and the street goes to the left. On the right there is a shop called, "Hibernation Vacations". If you go in there and say, "Howdy!", then for 2 hours, while you are in The Brrrrgh, you'll be a giant white monster (like having Big Toon and No Color at the same time).
  • Avoid a task for "Hysterical Harry" and shop for "March Harry" instead. Quoting Moutain Man: March Harry's task is a lot easier than Hysterical Harry's. His just needs 2 alibis from Legal Eagles and I believe it's 30 Lawbots on Polar Place. It just seems easier to achieve than the all of the top cogs Hysterical asks for.

DL - Donald's Dreamland
  • Pajama Place has a 3 way shortcut. The best part of it is that it cuts down on time getting to Cashbot HQ. While running down the street, you'll pass Toon HQ, go right and it'll curve around to the left. Up ahead on the right is the House of ZZZZZ's and if you keep straight (instead of taking a left) you'll go into the small alleyway there. Go into it, you take a left and then take the immediate right and take another right and you're near the end of the street.
  • On Pajama Place, there is a shop called, "Talking In Your Sleep Voice Training", just past the shortcut. If you don't have the Resistance Salute, then go into that shop and use the Friendly phrase, "Would you like some help?"


Fangs McWolf

Cog HQ, Cog Suits and Estates


Sellbot HQ
  • The only cog HQ that has 2 sections to it. One is the 'main playground' that has a pit and the entrance to the VP lobby. The other section is where you can go into the factory. Both areas have cogs in them.
  • In the factory, you get double gag points regardless of invasion status.
  • The factory has 2 elevators. One is the front/main elevator and has no laff point restriction. The other one is the side elevator and you have to have 31 or more laff to get on. To get to the side elevator, after you come out of the main tunnel, you continue ahead through a small tunnel, take a left and then take a right when you get to the end. You'll see it there in the corner.
  • There is a bug that randomly affects people who go into the VP lobby. While entering, a cog may be coming out and a battle engages between that cog and the player. Meanwhile that player has already entered into the VP lobby, unaware of the battle they are in outside. They can't pick any gags but as the timer runs out (they can't see the timer either), they get attacked by the cogs. If you notice your laff going down before you go into the VP battle, step back outside. If you're already in the VP, you may need constant TU's to keep from going sad. If you happen to see one or more cogs in a battle next to the doors, but they aren't fighting anyone (ie, cogs -vs- no one), join the battle and defeat the cogs, as they are likely fighting someone who is already in the VP.

Cashbot HQ
  • Probably the biggest Cog HQ there is. The only cog HQ where you can go sad without being hit by cogs.
  • If you need to get to the other side (across all the train tracks), then click on someone that's already over there and teleport to them. It's WAY faster.
  • There are 3 mints, all in the open
  • Coin Mint - no laff restriction. When you first enter the HQ, it's the first mint on the left. Or an easier way to tell for certain, it's the mint that is closest to Donald's Dreamland. Inside the coin mint, you get double gag points.
  • Dollar Mint - laff restriction. It's in the middle where the train tracks are. It's not used as often as Coin or Bullion and you get 2.5 the gag points in there.
  • Bullion Mint - 70+ laff restriction. Far side of the Cash HQ and closest to the CFO doors. It's the longest mint there is (usually 40 cogs) and you get triple gag points. It's one of the best places to work gags when you need the points.
  • At the top of the steps leading to the CFO lobby, there are small 'holes' that you can fall through to be under the steps and platform.

Lawbot HQ
  • Only cog HQ where you have to enter a lobby to get to the elevators for the respective 'factory'. The DA offices are lettered A to D and are 3 to 6 floors. Office "A" is 3 floors and there is no laff restriction. B, C and D are 4, 5 and 6 floors respectively and do have laff restrictions.
  • The DA Office is the only place where you can encounter cogs that will give you no form of 'merits'. The holocogs will give you gag points on gags you use but won't give you Jury Notices.
  • The DA Offices are similar to buildings. As you get to higher floors, you get more points for the gags you use. However, invasions have no affect on how many gag points you get while in there.
  • Each floor of the DA office contains the same cog levels (not counting holo game cogs). The first set is always 10,11,10,11 and the last set is 12,11,11,11.
  • When going to fight the CJ, load the elevator in the middle. If you're too far away from the center, loading becomes more difficult.

Bossbot HQ
  • Is the only cog HQ that has no cogs in its playground.
  • The CGC (Cog Golf Course) is the only place where you can loose laff if you don't complete a game on time. It's also the only place where you ride a golf cart to move to the next floor and where you have to run through a maze to either get a toonup or lose laff if you don't finish it on time.
  • The CGC is the only place to find Version 2.0 cogs without needing a cog suit.
  • The Front 3 has no laff restriction, gets you 2x the gag points and has 3 'floors'.
  • The Middle 6 has a laff restriction, get you 2.5x the gag points and has 6 'floors'.
  • The Back 9 has a laff restriction, gets you 3x the gag points and has 9 'floors'.
  • There is a trick to the mole stomping game. The moles remain in the same holes for that round. ie, if a red mole pops up, then that hole will only have a red mole. This is useful because you can stand in the middle of the hole while looking at other holes. If the red mole pops up again, you'll automatically stomp him. This changes for each floor so only remember the holes per round, no need to remember them for life.

Cog Suits
  • Sellbot Suit - Each time you finish the Factory at Sellbot HQ, you get a suit piece. It's that easy. You just have to go 10 times to finish the suit.
  • Cashbot Suit - When you reach DL, you will start getting unavoidable tasks to get parts for the Cashbot suit. You will actually complete the suit before you can finish getting your laff tasks and before you can carry 250 jellybeans.
  • Lawbot Suit - After you have completed ALL other regular tasks (the 85 laff points, 250 purse, 80 gags bag, TP access, etc), then you will get tasks to go to TB to visit Precipitation Foundation. You can only complete 1 suit piece at a time and you will be asked to visit each street of each playground (except for TB streets) to get a thermometer from a cog. It will be a total of 14 tasks and can be a bit of a pain to complete. If you have friends who are willing to help or if you can run 2 toons at the same time, it's recommended that you have a toon waiting inside the shop so you can TP there to complete each task and to start each one after getting the next one from Toon HQ (which happens to be right outside the shop).
  • Bossbot Suit - This one makes the Lawbot Suit seem like a dream come true. You'll be making some frequent visits to "All For Nautical", so it helps if you have a toon sitting in there for you to TP to. It also helps if you have a toon waiting for you on Walrus Way in TB because you can usually find every cog you need (up to the Head Hunter) on that street. After that, for the Corporate Raider and The Big Cheese, you'll either need to defeat a Bossbot Building (make sure it's big enough) or you'll need to run through the CGC. After you defeat The Big Cheese, you'll need to defeat a series of Version 2.0 cogs, which for getting the Bossbot suit, can only be found in the CGC. At this point, you'll want 1 toon sitting in the shop and 1 toon sitting at Bossbot HQ. The good side of things on this though, as you complete each task, you only need to run across the street to "Good Luck Horseshoe Crabs" to get the next task.

  • Your mailbox can hold up to 30 items. You do NOT have to take items out when you open your mailbox. You can let items sit in there as long as you want.
  • If you already know what you have waiting for you or if you don't want to check, then you will always have the Clarabelle icon in the upper right corner next to the friends list icon. This can be very handy! Simply clicking it will instantly teleport you to your estate and can be invaluable when you want/need to teleport away from your location in a hurry (faster than opening your book and clicking on "Go Home"). Examples include if you want to avoid responding to someone, you can click it and your teleporting might give them the impression that you disconnected from the game. Very effective if your toon has fallen asleep and someone comes up trying to talk to you. Just click it and they'll think you're away from the computer. Also if you have finished a boss run (like VP), after the dancing if there is a delay before everyone is huddled for the victory speech, you can click it, pick your trees or whatever and then when you teleport back to the playground, you'll be back in the Cog's HQ.
  • If you position yourself on either side of a house, just under where the roof ends, you can jump up and walk around on your roof.
  • This is known by many - while in your house, click the button to move things around. The position your wardrobe so that it's OUTSIDE of the room with the back to the wall. If you position it just right, the you can't see it from inside the room and you can't even bump against it, but it will still let you trigger it. When that happens, it'll take you through the wall and put you in front of the doors, where you can click 'X' and then run around in the empty space.
  • Similar to the above, you can position your bean bank in such a way that you can't see it but if you walk up against the wall, you'll trigger it but you'll stay inside the room. Like having a hidden piggy bank, unless someone goes into the empty space, then they can see it. But since no one but your toon can use it, it doesn't matter.
  • If you position your furniture around and your telephone, you can actually have your phone floating around the room. You can also place it so that it's outside the room and you can walk up to it and use it either through the wall or have it take you to the empty space. I've placed it a big higher on the wall before so that you have to jump to get to it.
  • When planting gag trees, you should place the strongest gag tree in front of where your toon lands when you teleport to your estate. This is real useful when it's a level 7 tree because then when you arrive, you can run forward, pick the tree and teleport out quickly without having to turn or run around to get to it.
  • Unlike trees, if a flower goes sad, it will revive instantly when it's watered. If you max out your shovel, you can actually use this to remind you when to water your trees. Only water the flowers ONCE when their dirt is sand colored (or when they are sad). Then go around and water or double water all the trees. Doing this will have the flowers act as a reminder or a warning about the upcoming need to water them and it's better to water them early rather than late.

[email protected]:32 More estate goodies added
[email protected]:06 CJ elevator loading
[email protected]:40 Added a few tidbits.

Fangs McWolf

Quotes from the old thread...
What an awesome synopsis for new toons! Bravo, McWolf!!
Don't you ever sleep? Where were you when Squeaker was a baby? Excellent guide! I can't guarantee that I won't ask a hundred stupid questions in a day but it should help a little. :D
Great guide. After taking 5 toons all the way through DDL I never knew I could have avoided Dr. Fret! I always thought that was an unavoidable task like LOM. LOL!
fangs...there is another daisy task that you can make simpler (just like the dr fret one).

when you are offered the 2 buildings for 3 tasks by the hq, don't take it. that task turns into 2 1 st, 2 2st, and 2 3st buildings....blech.

if you go to toon buildings on the street, you will be offered tasks much easier than that. my toon "school lunch" just got a task for 18 cogs anywhere for it and other toon of mine got a single 2 st building for it. much, much easier. :thumbup1:
Oh yeah. I avoid that 1-2-3 task for three tasks like the plague. The last toon I ran through DG got it with just 8 Telemarketers, which was actually pretty easy given all the Sellbots in DG.

In the Brrrgh, I've found that March Harry's task is a lot easier than Hysterical Harry's. His just needs 2 alibis from Legal Eagles and I believe it's 30 Lawbots on Polar Place. It just seems easier to achieve than the all of the top cogs Hysterical asks for.
Oh yeah. I avoid that 1-2-3 task for three tasks like the plague. The last toon I ran through DG got it with just 8 Telemarketers, which was actually pretty easy given all the Sellbots in DG.

In the Brrrgh, I've found that March Harry's task is a lot easier than Hysterical Harry's. His just needs 2 alibis from Legal Eagles and I believe it's 30 Lawbots on Polar Place. It just seems easier to achieve than the all of the top cogs Hysterical asks for.
oh yeah i love march harry! :thumbup1: i did hysterical harry twice and never again. that paranoid bunny is a migraine. lol
This is an awesome guide. I knew some of the shortcuts, but not all of them. I need to go look now...
cool i can't wait,is there a such thing as a full mailbox?

Lollipop Zooblesnook

Great guide, thank you for taking the time to post!

I learned quite a few things that I had no idea about! Knowing which toontasks to avoid beforehand is SO helpful.


Fangs McWolf

There is a trick to the mole stomping game. The moles remain in the same holes for that round. ie, if a red mole pops up, then that hole will only have a red mole. This is useful because you can stand in the middle of the hole while looking at other holes. If the red mole pops up again, you'll automatically stomp him. This changes for each floor so only remember the holes per round, no need to remember them for life.
Added that little nugget of information as well as a couple of others.


How do you know how many Life points each level cog has? This is something I have never learned...

Fangs McWolf

How do you know how many Life points each level cog has? This is something I have never learned...
Cog Hit Points = (cog level + 1) x (cog level +2) OR (200 if level is 12)

Example, level 6 would be: (6 + 1) x (6 + 2) or (7) x (8) or 56.


Wow too much math for me.. why don't ya print up a guide?


Wow Trish.. Thanks.. is that new? I don't remember it being there when i first found stratics.... I often forget to go back to the guides since I found the site.. I tend to just hover in the forums..lol


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Nope, if memory serves it was one of the first Sara did, which makes it over 2 years old :)