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NEWS May 30, 2012 Sports Reports

Tina Small

Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The Sports Reports listing high scores at the Void Pool and the Arenas have been updated with information gathered several hours ago today. Below are some highlights, by shard, of activity at the Void Pool and the Arenas, as well as a link to each shard's report.
  • Arirang - Watch out if you want to keep your position at the top of the Void Pool leaderboard! There are many new names and they seem to be moving up quickly. Currently, Best Single Battle scores are held by ELF in Trammel and kurukururin in Felucca. ELF also has the highest Overall Total score in Trammel, while stojko.D has the highest Overall Total score in Felucca. At the Arenas, the top 10 Survival and Team ratings are unchanged from last week.
  • Balhae - In Trammel, poroRin passed a kattsu to become the leader on the Void Pool's Best Single Battle scoreboard and Elley Elehayym dominates the Overall Total Scores leaderboard. In Felucca, a few new names have showed up at the Void Pool, with DraKiller's holding the lead for both Best Single Battle score and Overall Total score. At the Arenas, folks have been mixing it up recently, with several changes noted in both the Survival and Team ratings.
  • Formosa - In Trammel, Raw W passed Eagle Fighter to take the lead in Best Single Battle scores, with Claudius taking the lead in Overall Total scores at the Void Pool. In Felucca, Shakira has both the top Best Single Battle and Overall Total scores. Arena Survival ratings remain unchanged from last week and Formosa's arenas have yet to see any kind of rated team competition.

You can also find reports for all shards here: UO Stratics *New* | Global Sports Reports. There are links on the right side of this Global Reports page to jump you to the report for a specific shard.

Have fun reading and competing, and see you next week!