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[Blacksmithing] Max stats on crafted metal armor


Seasoned Veteran
Is it possible to reforge and imbue so that plate armor can have the following stats:
(if so what type of hammer do i need to use)

10 stam
5 dex
10 mana
5 int
8LMC (from imbue)

for not as ideal i supposed this is realistic?

8 stam (from imbue)
5 dex
8 mana (from imbue)
5 int
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I Hate Skilling
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
You can get those by reforging plain exp plate armor and choosing Mystic and animated.

Use a val hammer. Could take 20 to 50 tries to get something close. You can not imbue after, they use too many points.

I hate repetitive stuff so I stop when I get something like this:

Dex can be 5 Stam 10 Regen 4 LMC 10 Mana 10

You d prob have to use 10 90 charge hammers to get what you want at max, if you get it.
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