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As I have been leveling this bard I am noticing that I really do not use Peacemaking that much. I have a Tamer also that already has peacemaking on a stone so is it worth it to have it on this new bard for the 4x bonus or will I be better served using another skill in its place. Right now I seem to been going for 4x 120 bard skills plus Magery and Med. If its not worth the 4x bonus what would be a good replacement, Eval or maybe resist?


Stratics Veteran
One of the main purposes of being a 4x Bard is the damage you deal with Despair/Tribulation, which is increased by having Peace on the template, but as a skill itself it is imo entirely worthless on all templates.

I used to have Mage, Med, Music, Prov, Disc, Resist, and swapped Resist out for Peace to boost the Prov/Disc Masteries, I haven't felt the need to put it back on for any reason.