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Make Doom Great Again


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Are they at least close to what I am posting here? The loot needs to be in line with what people can get elsewhere as drops or else there is no incentive to go to Doom. Please consider my item change suggestions. This kind of stuff would make people want to go down to Doom, I had a LOT of fun down there and your new point system made Doom awesome, now we need the loot to match.
To put things in perspective, most revamped versions of Doom Artifacts that have been introduced have resulted in an intensity increase ranging from 150 - 900 points, with the average coming in around 350 points. With the latest group the increase range is approximately 90 - 837 with the average coming in around 400 points. This doesn't account for the new item properties since they don't have established intensity values, but gives you a rough idea of where we are.

With your suggestions (I only compared the 8 base artifacts we updated on TC1) the intensity increase ranges from 480 - 1280 with the average coming in around 1280 points. With increases like that, there have to be some drawbacks like decreased durability or lifespan and negative item properties to balance them out.

As a player I want phat lootz just as much as the next guy, but finding the sweet spot between desirability while not completely going off the rails with power creep is why we are releasing these so early in the process. Thanks for the feedback!