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[Selling] Make a cake as fast as you can... and then some. :-)


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Having trouble finding sugar? Or Vanilla… Chocolate...

Not that its endless... but we DO sell them at the Red & Purple Plant Shop & Garden Center... but you can request bigger amounts to be delivered hand-to-hand.
Plus MORE is always coming in.

5000 ( per 25 Sacks) Pure Pixie Brand Sugar.

5000 (per 25 vials) Vanilla Extract, Pixie Brand.

5000 (per 50 jars) Pure Pixie Brand Honey... crafted by the finest bees in Yew.

10000 (10 bean globs) Cocoa Pulp - For making Chocolate! :-D

Plus, we always have:

28000 BULK, BULK, BULK! (100) Orange Petals - Helps Poison Resistance.*

15000 BULK, BULK, BULK (100) Red Leaf - Seal Your Books!

20000 BULK, BULK, BLUK (100) Green Thorn - Summon Verbal Bunny, Whipping Vines.

And you can order as much as you like... as long as I have it... and I have a lot... in the thousands of everything.

*Most people dont even know about the Orange Petals. Thats the funniest thing. :cool: