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EM Event Item Majestic Oaks Auction ATLANTIC


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Hi All, Welcome to 2020!

Wednesday, January 15th in the year 2020 the crew from MOAA (Majestic Oaks Auction Atlantic)
Will once again bring a LIVE auction to Atlantic.

8 p.m. Central time is the start (9 p.m. EASTERN) Gates will be available from Luna beginning about 7:45 p.m.

The house is provided by Hemi (aka Superflea) just outside Luna's North City gate. It's a sandstone venue.
We're working on updates to the MOA website to include a page for Atlantic and publish a list when we have it complete. Our intent is about 90 minutes of auction time as we understand many of you have things to do in the a.m. and time zones cause havoc for all involved including staff. To this end NO more than 20 items so that there is time for bidding and a hope of finishing by 10:30 EASTERN time.

Fiona Giovanni (aka Melian) is my MOAA character.
Majestic Oaks Auction Atlantic | Majestic Oaks Auction
This should give you some basic information on how we function. Staff from MOAA makes NOTHING and at this point there is no fee for selling items through us.

The updates to our website are done! There is also a forum attached to this so you do have the ability to reach out to us there as well. The house is built and ready for business.

Also, I would recommend any who are interested in Rare's Fest get involved in the discussion in another post here in this forum. We've done 2 and it is a HUGE undertaking, hours and hours of volunteers putting in screen time to organize and pull this off.
Check back for more information
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So far the list for the night is and NOT in this order:
Sparkling Cherry Juice
Christmas Angel Food Cake
Mesanna Napa Rose
EM Takakos Anniversary Fortune Teller
Stone Slab with unknown Characters
Guardian Statue of the Forest

There should be more items coming and another update soon


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Created by the auction creation page on Tuesday 14th of January 2020 07:57:40 PM
Auction Items:
17. A Carnivorous Plant found with overgrowth * sold 180m
11. Chaos Void (Animated) *sold 100m
20. Infernal Sproutlings of the roots of pride, avarice and vanity (ATL Drop) *sold 165m
23. Blessed Water from the Hands of Grizelda the Witch (Yamato Drop) * sold 220m
5. An Obsidian Statue of Obsidian Celebrating two years on Baja March 2018 *sold 51m
8. Mysterious Power Source *sold 110m
14. Full Set of Plant Wheelbarrows * sold 75m
12. Booger Man Whispering Rose * sold 10m
2. Booger Man AoS sandals * sold 15m
4. Sparkling Cherry Juice * sold 3m
1. Christmas Angel Food Cake * sold 5m
9. Thank you Napa, Mesanna Rose * sold 35m
6. EM Takakos Anniversary Fortune Teller * sold 115m
10. Stone Slab bearing unknown characters *sold 67m
18. Guardian Statue of the Forest * sold 155m
13. Lapiz Lazuli Scarab Amulet Inscribed with ... 2011 GL * sold 50m
22. High Quality Lava Stone * sold 190m
30.Ancient Ruby Lantern containing the Forgotten Fires of Felucca * sold 360m
16. Jade Armband NON Replica * sold 150m
29. Large piece of Prehnite Sakura hue 1167 NO SALE
31. Ruth's Miracle Spell Remedy NO SALE
25. Dread Lord Hilimitus Head NO SALE
28. The Removed Beehive NO Sale
24. Fuddy Wuddys Priceless Spirit NO Sale
21. Bloody Jolly Roger from Hook's Crown Jewel *sold 85m
19. An Oni Disguise from the Festival of Mask *sold 55m
26. Rankin Shadow Altar *sold 180m
15. Blessed Slither * sold 175m
7. Blessed Blackthorn Epaulettes * sold 29m
3. Holiday Gift box hue # 1068 * sold 14m
27. Barrel of Ooze from Lake Superior's Sewers (Baja Drop) * sold 330m

This is NOT the order in which items will appear, but you see we have an ambitious list. I just wanted to get some news up for you before last minute.
Some of it is on Display at the auction house!
Thanks Melian (Fiona Giovanni)

** I numbered these now that the broker has them in an order. This will likely run more than the 90 minutes we hoped to stick to.

SORRY All there are 4 more items:
The Unholy and burnt Altar of the cursed pirates who unleashed the rising tide 5m * sold 110m
Dedication to those who cannot be with us 200m * sold 350m
A Gemmed Chalice containing the dark blood of Mericles the Vampire Lord 250m * sold 325m
Balhae Lunar Lucky Pig 600m *sold 600m
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Thank you to ALL that showed up! We had a great crowd last night and over 4 BILLION in rares sales! We appreciate your support and we will do it again soon!


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Anyone with any feedback (other than too many items) please let me know. We ran into a first in MOA history last night the apparent patron who doesn't speak English, has me a bit puzzled. We've done proxy bidders with folks from time zones that don't work with our play window at all but this one has me stumped. (That is and I will assume it is so, that the bidder was in fact Legit)


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Proxy bids should not be allowed. This is just another way to raise prices of items selling to low.


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Thank you! That's a good point with 2 of these under our belt now, we're looking at this with a critical eye. Rare's fests have been as close as we've come prior and those have been years apart. Doing this semi regularly is bringing to light new points to consider. An Auction of 95% high end items is a different animal than our home shard where those items are the highlights and the rest while it has value and most of it purpose isn't worth 100s of millions. People come to us to make a little money on the side, or finish a collection off, or buy all of one collection in one shot, hunt for that missing piece of something or another, some time to save time grinding for stuff.

Not sure with the speed of live auction any sort of language translator would work. Not sure language barrier is one we can fix.

We had 5 No Sales out of 34 items and finished in just over 2 hours. Still a long sit and definitely saw some folks leave as the hour got later.

Will eventually learn who more of you are the longer I spend on Atlantic which is good. We've been doing this on Great Lakes in one form or another since it became Ultima Online first as Red Devil's Auction in Felucca, then Impy's Artic Faire, then Majestic Oaks Auction we know the player base and regulars at home. At one time could say that about Lake Superior also, we did them there for a fairly long time, and Europa not as long.


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Another thing I found when I was running auctions on Chessy is that if you list items, people only stick around for what they are interested in or show up only when that items is being auctioned. I tried to keep each item between 5-10 minutes each depending on auction battles. Doing so will cut your time and give you extra time for more popular items.


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Yes the list is a double edged sword, it definitely can get people interested but we do see folks wandering in 30 minutes or an hour after start because they figure their item is closer to coming up. Our auctioneer typically does "Going Once" "Going Twice" and "Sold" with a relatively set number of bid calls between each. If that gets to rigid though it seems folks know exactly when "sold" is going to happen and sometimes sniper bids are hard to see in a wall of journal text.