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Mage/Thief Stats

Calla Lily

I’m building a mage/thief to steal Doom items, but in training up my magery I forgot to lock my Int stat, and my Str got so low my leather armor fell off (oops!) so I’m training wrestling and gaining Str again, but I need help figuring out what stats I should have to be able do what I want to do. Here are my current skills:

86.5/100.0 Hiding
100.0/100.0 Lockpicking
81.1/100.0 Magery
99.7/100.0 Meditation
100.0/100.0 Resist
92.2/80.0 Stealing
57.3/80.0 Stealth
68.2/100.0 Wrestling

I used 120 ps for both Stealing and Stealth, and I have the Burglar’s Bandana, Shadow Dancer’s Leggings, and the Mark of Travesty for a total of +40 Stealing and +40 Stealth, but I’m not wearing them yet. I know the total comes to 760, so I might lower Med to 60.0 to get down to 720 or use jewelry to boost it.

My stats are Str 39/Dex 123/Int 95. I do have a +25 Stat scroll I could use on her if that would help. But my question is how high should my Str and Int be to be able to carry the rares and still be able to use Magery when I need it?

Stinky Pete

Stratics Veteran
You really don't need dex to do what you want to do. Stealing does not rely on it. If you don't plan on stealing from other players, dex is not necessary, feel free to dump all of your stat points in int and str.


Stratics Veteran
I agree with @Stinky Pete. You don't need much dex for stealing Doom rares. It will depend on what stats you have on your armor/jewelry but I'd probably do something like 110 str / 110 int / 30 dex.