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RuSini Neb

Stratics Veteran
I would love to make acquaintances in mag, To bad I can not PM anyone directly, as I have less than 10 posts on stratics, and I don't want to go spam 10 threads just to do it :/

So where Might I find my neighbors ?

I own Plot E-5.

p.s sorry about spelling etc.. etc… posted this at work in a rush in hopes that I would have a response before I got home 


Good afternoon,

Welcome to Magincia. I own C-3.. as well as a plot near the Modest Damsel Inn. Is there another way and time that is best to catch you? Pigeon (ICQ) for me is 483-626-468. Additionally, if you happen by the shoe (c-3) I can generally be found there in the the evenings. You may find Mistress Circe, Lady Amber Witch, Captain Valek or even Lord Lamperouge roaming the streets.

Magincian Fish Fry and Tavern night is every Friday starting at 7PST/10 EST and we meet at the Gazebo which is centrally located off the beach.

Additionally, every other Thursday is mining night and again we meet at the Gazebo.

Again, Welcome to Magincia! If you need anything please let us know!

Lynne Zellinous
Magincian Council Member