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[Discordance] Macro for EC.?


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Howdy folks,

So if you read some of my posts you'll know I returned here recently after yrs of being gone. I've been working Provo and disco without any macros on Ice doing polar bears, and after awhile wondered...what the hell am I doing? Back in the day when training my bard/thunter I had macros for training using CC and UOAssist, I should be able to do the same with the EC...right?

Started looking here for macro info...tons about using masteries, but after reading and searching for an hour, I find nothing for the under 90 crowd on macros. I know the methods and what I should be training on, and how to set things up, but what I don't know are how to get my macros to work.

Music is at 100 and locked, peace is at 100 (masteries used) and locked.

Disco is at 57, macro is (in EC), TARGET NEAREST MOBILE---DISCO (and the targeting on the disco icon is set to current). So I just run from critter to critter and hit a button.

Provo is at 55.4, macro is , TARGET NEAREST MOBILE---PROVO (and the targeting is set to current), DELAY (1sec)---WAIT FOR TARGET---TARGET NEXT MOBILE. Of course it doesn't work. I can't seem to get it to actually target the second critter.

I seem to have this problem with a lot of macros I've tried within EC. Anyone got a macro they would share? If not a macro, maybe share how targeting in EC works? Like I said, I have this problem in a number macros across all of my toons.

Thanks folks, appreciate it.



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Hey there Mac,

Well any macro that you are doing, you would think through it when you are doing it manually...

1) Usually the first thing I'd do is trigger the skill... Provocation command icon
2) Next would be, I would wait for the targeting cursor... WaitForTarget
3) I would click on the first target.. In which case this is where you find your target and select it ... Target Nearest Mobile with Cursor Target Current (This is probably where your problem is.. Do you use Cursor Target Current?)
4) And I would repeat 2 and 3 for the 2nd target, but with Target Next Mobile. Meaning I wait for the 2nd targeting cursor and do 3...

Actual macro:
1) Provocation Icon Command
2) WaitForTarget
3) Target Nearest Mobile
4) Cursor Target Current
5) WaitForTarget
6) Target Next Mobile
7) Cursor Target Current

I tried it out near some Polar Bears and it seems to work.

HTH - Hope that helps.

Edit: For your specific situation the way that you have it, you can move #3 just before #1 (I guess #0 - Heh) and go from there.
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Howdy Necronom,

Thank you my friend, yeah, the cursor target current is what I'm missing. Your macro works great. Now if I can just remember to use it in my other macros, lol. Appreciate your help my friend.



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I provoke on a summoned earth elem. I use 'target stored' for a monster and 'target current' for the elem. I also added greater heal to the macro.
So I need to store a monster one time (by 'edit macro') and keep a summoned elemental as a current target. Since I order 'all follow' the monster doesn't take any damage.
I stay on one place pressing the macro hotkey. I need to summon new elem every few minutes.