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[Blacksmithing] Luckblades...

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What is the best way to try and make a 140+ luckblade? Ive talked to a few people and they have different opinions. Some say make them with normal ingots and hope u get one with the +20 from luckblade and then and significant amount of luck and enhance them.

So if anyone has made a 140+ luckblade can u explain if you enhanced or just made one. Also what type of hammer would be best. Any hammer can have 100% intensity on one item but is it really worth the pearls to use low end hammers.


Slightly Crazed
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If I would want such a blade, I would use low end hammers. Simply for having more flexibility with imbuing when one weapon pleases my luck desire. With latest changes to imbuing you should sue gold ingots for them in the beginning. The chance to destroy a weapon with 100-120 luck by trying to enhance it with gold is just too high.