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(Player Event) Lucian Flame's Wee Carnival Thursday March 12, 7pm cst

Great Lakes... It is good to be back. The carnival is setting up once again on your shard. The land is staked out, tents are raised, and the carnies are setting up their craft. All that is left now are the arrival of a few wain of goods that will be rolling out of the ether any day now.

Please allow me to hang this poster upon the walls of your fair cities. When the day comes a gate will be provided to the fairgrounds from Luna. Hope to see you there.

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*Aunt E elbows DevilsOwn outta the way*

A huge thank you to the folks of Great Lakes for attending the Wee Carnival tonight! It was great fun for us and it looked like you were having a fine time, too! A big thank you to the good people of MOA, too, who helped tremendously! Hoping to get set up on Great Lakes again soon!
Hello Great Lakes. Aunt E has said it all but I would like to thank you as well and governors/MOA who had saved the day.

I hope you all enjoyed it and we will be feeding on you again soon. Oh Cats! Pardon me, I meant seeing you again soon. Until then, Great Lakes!
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