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[Tinkering] lousy creations


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
@Kyronix @Bleak - I have a GM Tinker. I needed new tools and decided to do it tonight. Cutoff for me for number of uses is 100 with anything greater being retained for use.

Tinker Tools - all exceptionally made. 56.66666666666 percent of 30 were <100 uses. That's 17 of 30
Sewing Kits - all exceptionally made. 33.33333333333 percent of 30 were <100 uses. That's 10 of 30

As a GM in a skill, I would think that a higher percentage of items like this can be of decent use count. A loss of 3-5% would be more acceptable. Lowest use count on Tinker Tools - 52. Lowest use count on Sewing Kit - 48.

Really ... can't we get this a bit more realistic for one so skilled.


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I wish you could just combine kits up to say 5000. I don't like the big stations.