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LotRO World Alert: Notification of Suspicious Activity


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LotRO World Alert: Notification of Suspicious Activity

Turbine, Inc. and Codemasters would like to give a heads up warning about some suspicious activity in game via in game emails and tells.
ALERT: Notification of Suspicious Activity
We have been made aware of suspicious account requests via in game email and tells. These requests are very convincing and provide links to a site that has cloned the appearance of the lotro.com website. All players should be aware that this is not a valid site and is in no way associated with Turbine.

Example email/Tell:
“Becasuse you suspected of lllegal trade for gold, system will freeze your ID after one hour.If you have any questions, please login (URL) to make a complaint .We will be processing as soon as possible.Thank you for your understanding!”

Please be aware that all ingame contacts from a Turbine employee will have a '+' before their name. For example: +Sapience.

We are currently investigating reports and will take appropriate actions.
As well, be aware of phishing email scams. I personally just recieved an email phishing letter at an email address that I had never registered with Blizzard, telling me I need to click on a link to secure my World of Warcraft account... Here is the email I got:

An investigation of your World of Warcraft account has found strong evidence that the account in question is being sold or traded. As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with Blizzard's EULA under section 4 Paragraph B which can be found here:
WoW -> Legal -> End User License Agreement

and Section 8 of the Terms of Use found here:
WoW -> Legal -> Terms of Use

The investigation will be continued by Blizzard administration to determine the action to be taken against your account. If your account is found violating the EULA and Terms of Use, your account can, and will be suspended/closed/or terminated.

In order to keep this from occurring, you should immediately verify that you are the original owner of the account.

To verify your identity please visit the following webpage:
https ://www .worldofwarcraft.com/account/authenticate.html

Only Account Administration will be able to assist with account retrieval issues. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, and your continued interest in World of Warcraft.

Account Administration Blizzard Entertainment
The bolded parts of the email were links, which lead to a site that obviously do not belong to Blizzard and the last link was the most covert, it looked good at glance, but hovering over or looking at the properties of the link showed that the address, while looking correct in the email, actually lead to a site not owned or operated by Blizzard. Travelling to such links can not only put your account in jeopardy, but as well may lead to a virus or hack web site.

Take great care with emails such as these, and always remember, Turbine (and Blizzard) will NEVER ask for your account password via email, in game email, or in game at all. If you feel your account has been jeopardized, contact Turbine (or Blizzard) via telephone. Their phone numbers can be found in their site's Support sections.