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LotRO US: Player Guide of the Week - Elendilmir Freep PvMP Guide


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The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar has chosen this week's "Player Guide of the Week" entitled "Elendilmir Freep PvMP Guide" - which was created by "Ginko the Freeptastic" and contributions by the Elendilmir Community!
Player Guide of the Week!

This week's guide, Elendilmir Freep PvMP Guide is a shining example of a Community Created Guide! It was created by Ginko the Freeptastic with contributions from many members of the Elendilmir Freep Community.

This all-inclusive guide contains a cornucopia of information about playing a Freep on the Elendilmir Server and it is sure to be beneficial to any Free People who are thinking about venturing into the Ettenmoors. Whether you're a first-timer or veteran, be sure to check out this week's Player Guide of the Week!

We hope you enjoy this week's pick for Player Guide of the Week. For more guides, check out the Community Created Guides section on the LOTRO Lorebook, and check back here next week when we spotlight another great guide!​