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LotRO US: Mines of Moria Pre-Order Announced, Sweepstakes, and Web Site Make-Overs!


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The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, Turbine has announced the release date for the upcoming expansion, the Mines of Moria!* The release date has been set to November 18th 2008.* No need to wait to get your orders placed however, as Turbine Inc. has given the North American players three ways to Pre-Order!

The first two methods allow users to pre-order from their game outlets in the Real World, from places such as GameStop and BestBuy, among others.* The third method allows pre-existing customers of The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar to upgrade digitally.* Each Pre-Order method comes with it's own set of perks and rewards. Follow this link and then after the brief introduction movie playes, click "Enter the Mines of Moria" and then on the bottom left will be a "Pre-Order Now for Special Offers" image link.* Follow that to view the ways to pre-order!

In addition to this, all Pre-Orders will get a "Sweepstakes Code" to enter the "Treasures of Moria" sweepstakes! Some of the prizes pre-order customers can win include things like a Life-Time Membership, Free Game Time Codes, $10,000 USD Cash, amongst other goodies!

And the news doesn't end here!* In combination with all of this, the LotRO Turbine Web Site and Forums have gotten complete make-overs, just for the Mines of Moria!* Turbine Inc. has also released a Mines of Moria Promotion Site as well!

This is proving to be one of the coolest expansions I, as a MMO gamer for over 10 years, has whitnessed.* Indeed!

Good luck to all those who enter the Sweepsakes!

~Ciriyn "Orvago" Dinanor of Landroval