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LotRO US: Explanation and Sneak-peek of Mines of Moria in-game tokens and rewards


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Meghan "Patience" Rodberg over on the Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine Forums, gave an explanation detailing the In-Game Tokens and Rewards that those who Pre-Order or Early Upgrade the upcoming Mines of Moria expansion will receive. She also gave us a sneak peek at the eight items we can turn the tokens in for!

Explanation of Mines of Moria in-game tokens and rewards

There's been some confusion about the in-game rewards, so hopefully this will clear it up.

Each player that purchases the Mines of Moria™ Pre-Order gets one in-game item token. If a player purchases the Complete Edition, they get two in-game item tokens. If they purchase the Collector’s Edition or participate in the Early Upgrade, they get three in-game item tokens. It all adds together (so a player who Pre-Orders the Collector's Edition gets a total of 4 in-game item tokens).

Once Moria launches, these in-game item tokens will appear in characters' inventories as Ithildin Coins. Players will be able to take these coins to a vendor and choose any of 8 items (each costing 1 coin) when Moria launches on 11/18.

Players are free to stock up on multiples of the same item if they so choose (such as potions).

Pre-order: Anyone who Pre-Orders (including the Early Upgrade) also gets the Cloak of Sunset and the Moria Expeditionary title. If they pre-order from GameStop, they also get the Deep Miner’s Helm and the Seeker of Khazad-dum title (these are exclusive through GameStop).

All of these are live in the game, so a current player that applies a Pre-Order or Early Upgrade to their account will get these when they redeem their keys.

Early Upgrade: Players who upgrade through Turbine receive the Cloak of Durin’s Crown when Moria launches on 11/18. This is an exclusive only available to Early Upgrade customers.

We hope this gives a better idea of what the items are! See below for screenshots.

Read More below for pictures and details on the Eight In-Game Reward Items you may select with your Tokens!


Colourful Songbird
This bird flutters around your house and sings.

Pesky Dormouse
This mouse runs around your house and then returns to his mousehole.

Pocket Item:

The Stone of the Dwarf-deeps
+3 Vitality, +5% Out of Combat Run Speed for 5 min, 4h cooldown

Usable Item:

Horn of the Dwarrowdelf
+10 Radiance for 15mins, 1h cooldown


Set of 5 Potions of Ringdirith
+100 Frost Defence for 21 minutes

Set of 5 Potions of Ruindirith
+100 Acid Defence for 21 minutes

Set of 5 Potions of Lachdirith
+100 Lightning Defence for 21 minutes

Set of 5 Potions of Nordirith
+100 Fire Defence for 21 minutes



Stratics' Finest
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I'm excited about the Bird and Mouse! I cannot wait to see them in action.

How about you all, what do you think about these items?