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LotRO Turbine: Suggestions Thread Highlight on the Housing System


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In The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar official Turbine (North America) Suggestions Forum, there are always great suggestions for improvements coming in from the residents of Middle-earth. Today, I'd like to highlight one of them that has won the hearts of many House Lovers within Middle-earth.

Many residents and home owners within The Lord of the Rings Online either love the housing system, hate it, or want to see some improvements and changes. Earlier this month, September 9th 2008, the LotRO Turbine forum poster, known as "Adder", put together an extensive suggestion thread for improvements and redesign to the LotRO Housing System. It would be folly of me to try and detail these here, as they are best read first hand. I also will refrain from quoting the suggestion here, as we all know, suggestions end up changing from time to time, depending on the feedback by other users.

If you are passionate about the LotRO Housing System -- or you love it, hate it or want to see changes to it, you will most likely enjoy reading the thread -- regardless of your stance on the current Housing System in Middle-earth. Please head on over to the "Announcing LOTRO Total Housing Redesign!" thread and give your feedback! Please keep in mind: While the thread is written as though it is an official update by Turbine, it is still just a suggestion, it is not an "Official Announcement."

Happy reading!
LotRO Stratics Associate Editor