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LotRO Stratics: LotRO Events Calendar back online!


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LotRO Stratics is pleased to announce that our Lord of the Rings Online Events Calendar has been fixed and brought back online! It is now ready to accept your Event Listings! The Calendar works much like the Calendar over at the LotRO Turbine Forums -- but has a few display quirks we've got on the list to iron-out. The display quirks are that it doesn't display new events when viewing the LotRO General Discussion Forum however, if you enter the Calendar itself, all posted Events should display properly.

All LotRO Related Events, whether in-game or in the real-world will be accepted (given of course that they adhere to our Rules of Conduct for the Forums) to the LotRO Calendar. If you have any troubles using our Calendar or need assistance or advice in getting your Event posted to it, please do not hesitate to contact me by Private Message or by E-Mail at [email protected]

I have taken the liberty of adding several Events that were originally posted to the LotRO Turbine Forums. We'll be accepting any LotRO Related events, whether thet are specific to the North American Servers or the European Servers. Please be sure to place in the Subject line what Server or World Region, as applicable, your Event pertains to!

This is just the first in many things in store for reshaping LotRO Stratics! Please send any LotRO Stratics related feedback to [email protected]

Many thanks and safe travels!
~The LotRO Stratics Team