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LotRO EU: Mines of Moria Press event


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Codemasters Online and Turbine, Inc. held a private press event or the new expansion to The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Agmar, the Mines of Moria, on the 23rd of September giving a taste of what the Dwarven Mines are all about!
The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ Press event

On the 23rd of September Codemasters Online and Turbine held a private press event for the new The Lord of the Rings Online™ expansion; the Mines of Moria™.

After everyone for the group had turned up, a presentation was given by Executive producer Jeffrey Steefel. After a short presentation describing what Moria was and a little about what was coming in the Mines of Moria, Jeffrey jumped into the game and showed Moria in all its glory. We travelled all over the mines, from the glorious gardens of Durin's Way, to the cold wet Water-works, and on to the Flaming Deeps where Durin's Bane was released from its slumber. Each area of Moria is unique. As Jeffrey stated during the presentation, Moria was a home to the Dwarfs, not just a mine.

After Jeffrey’s presentation there was a chance for everyone to have a go on a special Moria server. We had created and levelled Rune-keepers, Wardens and a few other level 60 classes for everyone to play.

Much fun was had running around the new areas. A hunt took place to find the new mount, there was testing of the Rune-keeper and Warden, seeing how far the Endless Stairs really go and more.

As an extra treat, Jeffrey Steefel did a Q and A session with the community and fan sites. During this session we were shown Durin's Bane, the great Balrog of the Mines of Moria and how it was woken from its slumber in the Deeps.

To catch more from the event head over to The Madhouse Tavern, where the website owner Krispy has loads of in game images and their own write-up of the event.​