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LotRO Creature of Middle-earth: Ungol


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Creature of Middle-earth: Ungol

In ages past, monstrous creatures of darkness and wrath descended from the great spider Ungoliant, a fiend of deep and sinister shadow. In the ancient speech of the Elves, the words for darkness, shadows, and gloom are synonymous with the fearsome, eight-legged monster known as the Ungol. Most of these creatures were slain in the wars of old, but some survived even into the Third Age. Lurking among the twisted branches of the darkest forests and in the deep darkness beneath the earth, they spin impenetrable webs to snare the unwary, striking with poisoned fangs to deliver a slow and agonizing death.

In The Lord of the Rings™: Shadow of Angmar™ the Ungols lie in wait in Middle-earth’s darkest places. These vicious spiders take advantage of their concealment to trap the unwary in their sticky webs, watching as their prey’s struggles entangle them, and then striking with alarming speed. Observant adventurers should beware signs of an Ungol lair – but by the time the first wispy strands of its web are noticed, it is often already too late.

If the tales are to be believed, an Ungol’s body can grow to be the size of a full-grown Man, with legs that make it seem much larger. Some whisper of even more enormous spiders, but such monstrosities must be rare indeed. Ungols are creatures of great cunning and patience, a legacy from their evil ancestress Ungoliant, one of Middle-earth’s most sinister creatures of legend.