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[Lore] Testament of the Techprophets: Order


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Testament of the Techprophets: Order

Followers of this philosophy are called Technocrats, although this title is also used to refer to the members of the three Orders. Each Order is considered a sect within the Technocrat belief system (like the Franciscans or the Jesuits within the Roman Catholic Faith). Blackthorn is the Techno-Prophet, the undisputed leader of the Technocrats, equal in power and influence to the medieval Catholic popes.

This philosophy holds to the belief that the Universe is in a constant state of war. The laws that govern the Universe struggle endlessly against the force known as Entropy. The agent of Entropy is Chaos, just as the agent of Universal Law is Order. Life is the result of Order imposing structure on Chaos, so without Order there would be no life. Man, by reason of his organized intellect, is an agent of Order. Technology is man's expression of Order. Only by embracing technology can man do his part to bring Order to the Universe. That is the ultimate goal of The Machine.

Entropy's constant interference results in faulty designs. It is therefore logical for man to use technology to improve those designs. Biological parts are delicate and invariably suffer from breakdown. Mechanical parts, on the other hand, are not only easier to maintain but can be upgraded as well. Reason states that the fragile designs should be replaced with more efficient, hardier designs. This process must be applied to every aspect of life. Better living through machines is the inevitable result of any person who embraces logic.

As with any philosophy, there are degrees to the practitioners' faith. Some are fanatical zealots, convinced that all life should be converted over to the ordered beauty of the mechanical. Others are more reasonable, understanding that machines have their place and utility, but that they cannot possibly replace all things biological (especially since biological systems are also machines, simply organic ones). On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the fanatical zealots), the Orders of Technocrats would rank as follows in their adherence to The Machine: Engineers 10, Mathematicians 9, and Theorists 8. As a basis of comparison, the Amish would rank 1, and late 20th Century Americans would rank 5 or 6.

Not everyone in Logos is a Technocrat, just as not all Technocrats live in Logos. A citizen of Logos who does not embrace The Machine is simply called a Logosian, and they can be Jukan, Human, or Meer. Likewise, you could have a citizen of New Britain, Ishpur, or Garron who believed in the ways of The Machine, and they could accurately be called a Technocrat.